March 26, 2015

My latest hate mail from a Texas Right Winger – Hiatus please?

Hate Mail

My wife walked into my home office with a disturbed look on her face. "I think you got another one," she said. "Another one of what?" I asked. "Does this not look like one a hate mail?" she asked. Yup. It was. This one was a bit heavier so I decided to shake it and open carefully. I recognized the handwriting and tone immediately. After-all, this person sent me this hate mail a few months back before the election. The hate mail author took quite a bit of time to cut out newspaper articles. The articles were annotated to ensure I read portions deemed important to rub salt into the wound. A photo of the email is below but here is the text of the hate mail. Dear Losers, Thought you'd enjoy reading about the great Republican victory over the Democrats. Obama is a disgrace. He lost the election for all you dems. He blew it. The first black (ell mulatto, anyway) President is a huge failure. A huge failure and disgrace. Suck it up losers. You sure wasted a lot of money on the mid-terms. :) I am use to … [Read more...]

What Rick Perry’s farewell address should have said

Rick Perry Texas Lone Star Project

Lone Star Project wrote the perfect farewell address that Rick Perry should have given on his last day. Unfortunately he did not. One should not despair, Rick Perry is likely running for President of the United States of America again. There will be apple time to get his parallel farewell address in wide circulation. Rick Perry's Farewell Address Jan 15, 2015 - Lone Star Project Report What would Perry say if he'd been given and accepted honest and responsible advice? To: Governor Perry Fr: Communications Team Re: Upcoming farewell address Date: 1/14/2014 In preparation for your final address to the joint session of the legislature as Texas Governor, we have identified key actions and themes that will reflect the legacy you leave behind. As the longest serving Governor in the history of Texas and a Presidential contender, it is essential that you maintain an optimistic tone while taking credit for all of the  attributes our great state has to offer.  There will likely be some … [Read more...]

Wendy Davis delivers speech on Austin’s culture of corruption

Wendy Davis University of Houston

Wendy Davis visited the University of Houston to give a speech detailing corrupt in the state of Texas. She appropriately excoriated Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott his role in a sort of pay to play in Austin Texas. She made the case why change is needed in Austin Texas. She presented reasons to elect her to move Texas forward. Wendy Davis Delivers Address on Austin's Culture of Corruption and Abbott's Role in TEF Scandal Davis: "It was Greg Abbott's responsibility to make sure that the millions of dollars going to companies were resulting in jobs. Not only did he fail to do that, but he covered up the fact that they weren't." Fort Worth - Today in Houston, Wendy Davis delivered an address on Austin's culture of corruption in the wake of the Texas Enterprise Fund scandal. Below is the text of the speech as prepared for delivery: "Nearly 150 years ago, our founding fathers made a promise to each of us, and they embedded it in our constitution. They told us. "All … [Read more...]

Wendy Davis slams Greg Abbott in Texas gubernatorial debate (VIDEO)

Wendy Davis Greg Abbott Gubernatorial debate

Wendy Davis came prepared for her debate with Greg Abbott. In the snippets in the embedded video she shows why she is qualified and Greg Abbott is just a shill for the plutocracy. Wendy Davis clobbers Greg Abbott in final gubernatorial debate Senator Wendy Davis did not allow Greg Abbott to get away with his attempt at slick answers. She successfully rebuffed and challenged his answers. When Greg Abbott was asked how he intended to pay for his desire to make the Texas education system number one in the country his answer can be encapsulated with the phrase 'do more with less'. Wendy Davis used the opportunity to slam Greg Abbott. "Mr. Abbott, you are talking out of two sides of your mouth," Wendy Davis said. "On the one hand you are fighting to keep our students in overcrowded classrooms, teachers laid off across the state, and school closings in place. And yet you say you want to make Texas number one in education. You cannot accomplish that goal without making the appropriate investment." Wendy Davis … [Read more...]

Austin American-Statesman Endorses Mike Collier for State Comptroller

Mike Collier Texas State Comproller

Mike Collier is best choice for comptroller Here is where the importance of the Texas comptroller of public accounts most publicly manifests itself: The comptroller is responsible for issuing the revenue estimates that lawmakers use to write the state’s two-year budgets. Thus, an accurate revenue forecast is paramount. Miss the mark, and education, transportation and public health and safety suffer. With that responsibility in mind, we think Democrat Mike Collier is the comptroller candidate best qualified to produce estimates that more accurately tell lawmakers how much money they have available to write the state’s budgets, and to lead the agency in other key ways. The deplorable revenue forecast issued ahead of the 2011 legislative session by the current comptroller, Republican Susan Combs, who’s retiring from politics, contributed to an unnecessary $5.4 billion cut to public education. Combs’ estimate — she was off by $11.3 billion, one of the worst misses in state history — motivated Collier … [Read more...]

Greg Abbott Lied when pressed by Wendy Davis in Texas Governor debate

Greg Abbott

Will all the Texas media call out the continued deception by Greg Abbott? He tries to win the Texas Governor’s race via lies and misinformation. It is imperative that we share the truth. Wendy Davis and other Democratic candidates do not have the money from wealthy plutocrats to bankroll them like the Republican candidates. Greg Abbott misinformation continues Greg Abbott Lied When pressed by Davis, Abbott lied about public school lawsuit In last night’s Rio Grande Valley debate, Wendy Davis directly challenged Greg Abbott to drop his legal fight to push $5 billion in funding cuts to Texas schools – cuts that a State District Court has already ruled against, saying that they’re unconstitutional and deny Texas kids an adequate education. Rather than simply disagreeing with Davis – or explaining why he supports those deep cuts – Greg Abbott coldly decided to lie. He claimed that a law passed in 2011 was forcing him to keep up his attack, forcing him to continue dragging 600 Texas school … [Read more...]

Fort Worth Star Telegram: 2014 elections: ‘That’s our Wendy’

Wendy Davis Greg Abbott

Fort Worth Star Telegram: 2014 elections: 'That's our Wendy' 2014 elections: 'That's our Wendy' [Fort Worth Star Telegram, Anna Tinsley, 9.19.14] FORT WORTH - Tori Adams started clapping as soon as she saw Wendy Davis appear on the television screen during the first gubernatorial debate Friday night. "I'm so excited," she said with a grin. Adams was among those in Davis' hometown cheering on their candidate of choice in this year's gubernatorial race, which pits Davis, a state senator, against Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. For Adams, Friday was a chance to watch a longtime friend - someone she has known since their daughters went to kindergarten together - follow her political path. "That's our Wendy," said Adams,who cochairs Davis' campaign finance committee and works with Annie's List, a Texas group that backs Democratic candidates. "She's relaxed, she knows her material. "That's my leader - someone I have seen develop in her journey to public service." Adams and … [Read more...]

Davis Gano El Debate, Abbott Confirma Que Seguirá Defendiendo Recortes a la Educación Publica

Wendy Davis Greg Abbott equal pay women

    Davis Gano El Debate, Abbott Confirma Que Seguirá Defendiendo Recortes a la Educación Publica Edinburg, TX - Director de comunicación de la campaña de Wendy Davis, Zac Petkanas publicó la siguiente declaración después del primer debate para gobernador de Texas. "Wendy Davis fue claramente victoriosa esta noche. Bajo presión de Davis, Greg Abbott confirmó que el seguirá bloqueando fondos para las escuelas públicas de Texas al igual a los derechos de víctimas de violencia sexual o incesto." … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Weekly Address: We Will Degrade and Destroy ISIL

President Obama ISIL

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President reiterated his comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group ISIL. His plan brings together a campaign of targeted airstrikes, increased support for Iraqi and Kurdish forces already taking on terrorists, assistance from allies and partners, expanded efforts to train and equip the Syrian opposition, and ongoing humanitarian aid for those displaced by ISIL. The President expressed his immense appreciation for the military men and women who make these efforts possible, and reminded the world that America continues to lead and stand strong against terror. The President on ISIL / ISIS Remarks of President Barack Obama - Weekly Address The White House September 13, 2014 As Commander in Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people.  And I’ve made it clear that those who threaten the United States will find no safe haven.  Thanks to our military and counterterrorism … [Read more...]

President Obama Addresses the Nation on the ISIS / ISIL Threat

President Obama ISIS ISIL

President Obama Addresses the Nation on the ISIS / ISIL Threat My fellow Americans — tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL. As commander-in-chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people. Over the last several years, we have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country. We took out Osama bin Laden and much of al Qaeda's leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We've targeted al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen, and recently eliminated the top commander of its affiliate in Somalia. We've done so while bringing more than 140,000 American troops home from Iraq, and drawing down our forces in Afghanistan, where our combat mission will end later this year. Thanks to our military and counterterrorism professionals, America is safer. Still, we continue to face a terrorist threat. We cannot erase every trace of evil from the world, and small … [Read more...]