September 17, 2014

These are must reads

Corporations want big government / Americans want a government that works for them

corporations big government

There is a myth that Democrats and Republicans have allowed themselves to believe. Here is how they figure it. Since 1992 at any given time between 17% and 23% of Americans said they were Liberals. Between 34% and 43% said they were moderate. Between 36% and 38% said they were conservative. The charlatans looking at those numbers figured that the number of moderate citizens plus the number of conservative citizens are greater than the number of moderate citizens plus liberal citizens. As such they declared America a center Right country. In other words, a country leaning conservative. This construct was necessary to secure the roots of polarization. A huge tree of dysfunction could then be spliced onto those roots. But I digress. One must remember that Americans are the ones who personally decide what liberal, moderate, or conservative mean. The corporate media over the last few decades have been successfully coerced into demonizing the the liberal label. As such, many moderates that would otherwise … [Read more...]

Police detain Black actress for being affectionate with White boyfriend (VIDEO)

Daniele Watts,Brian Lucas,Django-Unchained.

It is important that America’s dirty BIG secret is continuously told. Biased treatment, mistreatment, and profiling against Black and Brown people by both police and a section of the population that simply cannot accept America’s path to equality and real homogeneity, must be exposed for the evil that they are and the pain that they bring. “Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place,” wrote Daniele Watts on her Facebook post. Daniele Watts is an actress who appeared in the movie “Django Unchained.” Daniele Watts wrote that she was standing at a tree speaking to her dad on a cell phone when police arrived. She refused to give police here ID and walked away as she knew she did nothing wrong. Subsequently Daniele Watts was accosted and handcuffed by two different police officers. CBS2/KCAL9’s Art Barron interviews Daniele Watts & Brian … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Weekly Address: We Will Degrade and Destroy ISIL

President Obama ISIL

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President reiterated his comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group ISIL. His plan brings together a campaign of targeted airstrikes, increased support for Iraqi and Kurdish forces already taking on terrorists, assistance from allies and partners, expanded efforts to train and equip the Syrian opposition, and ongoing humanitarian aid for those displaced by ISIL. The President expressed his immense appreciation for the military men and women who make these efforts possible, and reminded the world that America continues to lead and stand strong against terror. The President on ISIL / ISIS Remarks of President Barack Obama - Weekly Address The White House September 13, 2014 As Commander in Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people.  And I’ve made it clear that those who threaten the United States will find no safe haven.  Thanks to our military and counterterrorism … [Read more...]

Common sense please, ISIS / ISIL is more hype than threat

David Petraeus - Lawrence Wilkerson

America, there is still time to avoid another costly mistake. The lead up to President Obama's ISIS / ISIL speech was a continuous hyperventilation and hype about the capabilities of ISIS / ISIL from a media driven by puppets of the military industrial complex and neocons. ISIS / ISIL Overhyped President Obama for some time was avoiding the ISIS /  ISIL hype. He continued his "Don't do stupid stuff" policy. President Obama disregarded Hillary Clinton's  neocon-lite like critique in her The Atlantic interview. He scolded a reporter for asking Right Wing warmongering questions. Over the last few weeks,  it was evident that the purveyors of hype and misinformation were having an effect on American citizens. The neocons were aided by the graphic beheading of two American journalists that instilled a carnal fear in many Americans. The neocons got that emotional push they needed. The President felt the heat as Americans supported some sort of action. The polls showed overwhelming support for military … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart and Obama has a message for Obama

Jon Stewart President Barack Obama ISIS ISIL

What happened to the thoughtful policy of "Don't do stupid stuff"? President Obama was great when he used his calm oratory skills to show the ineptitude of a media questioning his cautiousness on ISIS / ISIL. Did old President Obama write this Jon Stewart piece? Lo  and behold, President Obama has gone Bush lite. He was mostly quiet as the military industrial complex via a misleading media, convinced a majority of Americans into making him morph into Hillary Clinton, our other neocon lite. Make no mistake, the President is following the will of the people. What he should have done is fight the media and the military industrial complex before the false narrative of an omnipotent ISIS / ISIL metastasized into the psyche of Americans. There could be two reasons why Arab countries are tepid in their desire to engage with a group that presumably wants to hurt them. Either the group is not as powerful as advertised or they consider America their department of defense, their military wing. We have now … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren slams student loan service providers (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren Student Loan Servicer

Whenever average Americans rip off insurance companies, it generally  gets reported widely. Hard working honest Americans are usually appalled. Most importantly, the perpetrators of the crime are generally sent to jail. After-all, if there is no penalty for cheating, said cheating will continue and grow. Huffington Post reported the following. The U.S. Department of Education will pay its oft-criticized student loan servicers more money under new contracts that the White House demanded in response to the companies' lack of adequate customer service. An Education Department official acknowledged the bump in pay on Wednesday during a testy exchange with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). "Let me get this straight: You break the law. You don't follow the rules. You treat the borrowers badly," Warren said of the loan servicers. "And you all just renegotiated the contracts to make sure that across the portfolio [loan servicers] are going to make a little more money if nothing changes?" Senator Elizabeth … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart illustrates the ineptitude of ISIS intervention (VIDEO)

John Stewart ISIL ISIS war

Jon Stewart’s message is rather complex – One hopes it penetrates There are subtle messages in this Jon Stewart skit that one hopes gets into the cerebral cortex of Americans. If this new war America is about to embark on wasn’t so disastrous in more ways than one, this skit would actually be funnier. Firstly, Jon Stewart mocks a media that feeds America on hyperventilation. He shows Fox News teasing America on whether we are going back to war with grave music. But are we not still at war? Aren’t we trying to get out of Afghanistan but still officially at war? He teases the bravado, the machismo of these news guys talking us into war. Jon Stewart illustrates a great irony. ISIS / ISIL storms into Iraq uninvited to impose their way of life, their governing doctrine. Sounds familiar? Are they sort of plagiarizing US actions. That can’t happen. So, how does America address it? Get the band back together. Get the coalition of the willing. Same countries from Bush’s Iraq war? Jon Stewart in effect is … [Read more...]

Wendy Davis interviewed on The Rachel Maddow Show

Wendy Davis Rachel Maddow

Wendy Davis says she feels very good about her chances to be Texas Governor Wendy Davis appeared on the Rachel Maddow show last night to promote her new book “Forgetting to Be Afraid: A Memoir”. One of the first questions Rachel Maddow asked her was of she could win. “I feel very good about my chances,” Wendy Davis said. “And I think its because there are people all over our state that feel that their values have not been reflected. And what’s been going on in the failed leadership we’ve seen in the last decade or so. And we have built an energy and an enthusiasm like nothing I have ever seen in our state.” Rachel Maddow then asked why Texas’ civic participation rate was so low. It’s the lowest in the country, and I attribute it to a couple of things,” Wendy Davis said. “One, we haven’t had a really hotly, general contested, race in Texas since Anne Richards lost in 1994 and we also aren’t in play in presidential elections. And so over time, when you are not having general election conversations with … [Read more...]

Wendy Davis interviewed on HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Wendy Davis HuffPost Live Alyona Minkovski

Wendy Davis on HuffPost Live Wendy Davis visited the studios of HuffPost Live to promote her new book “Forgetting to Be Afraid: A Memoir”. She also talked about her gubernatorial campaign to become Governor of Texas. The interview covered several  issues. Wendy Davis said she wrote the book with the expectation that it would be helpful and inspiring for those that read it. When asked about those that question the timing of the release of the book, she simply discounted it having any political implications. Wendy Davis reminded the host Alyona Minkovski that her fight in Congress did not begin with her epic filibuster. She has been a fighter for Texans since her entry into the Texas Legislature. Alyona Minkovski tried to get Wendy Davis to align herself with President Obama in a concrete manner. Wendy Davis did not bite. She stuck to policy and made the listener infer which is a smart thing for a Texas politician to do ithn order to deflect the hostile local media. Wendy Davis further discussed some of … [Read more...]

Americans allowing neocon influenced media to lead us back into war (VIDEO)

Neocon influenced Media sending us back to war

Neocons win by using media to force us into war again Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Unfortunately, Americans led by a neocon and military industrial complex influenced media aided by savvy social media savage terrorists are being allowed to dictate American foreign policy. A few months ago a Republican Congress was unwilling to effect a humane act. They were unable to pass an extension to unemployment compensation. They were unwilling appropriate money to rebuild our broken down infrastructure which would have had the additional benefit of improving our economy. Congress is unable to provide substantive relief to the struggling middle class. They provided no assistance to middle class Americans with burdensome student loans. The quality of life of middle class Americans does not reach some arbitrary scale. It does not reach that scale that war does. Our Republican Congress has no problem however when it comes to funding a war that benefits mostly … [Read more...]