November 25, 2014

These are must reads

Watch Rachel Maddow expose ‘hidden’ Republican report debunking Benghazi conspiracy (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow, Benghazi

Rachel Maddow exposes GOP Benghazi hyprocrisy Rachel Maddow exposed Republican hypocrisy on the supposedly Benghazi conspiracy. Who can forget their hyperventilation on the manufactured Benghazi scandal they have been trying to sell for over a year. Shortly after the Benghazi terrorist attack where Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered, Fox News and the Republican Party have been hyping and politicizing the event. Early on, author of “The Generals”,Thomas Rick said that much in a Fox News Interview where he called out the network. Fox News simply cut the interview short and continued with the uncorroborated hyping of the Benghazi massacre. Most networks put the Benghazi story in perspective for some time. Fox News’ persistence seemed to have paid off recently when ABC’s Jonathan Karl claimed to have an exclusive that made it seem the State Department was more instrumental than it was in altering the Benghazi talking points. Rachel Maddow did not allow the GOP to get away with it. She reported … [Read more...]

The MayDay SuperPAC: A Lesson in Failure

Lawrence Lessig Mayday

  Lawrence Lessig’s MAYDAY.US (MAYDAY) was an ambitious project. It exploded onto the scene with a mission to change the direction of the electoral process. Their website lists a four step process by which this would occur: Create a SuperPAC to support candidates who favor reform. Win a majority in Congress in 2016 based on lessons learned in the 2014 election. Get Congress to pass and the President to sign election reform in 2017. Push for a constitutional amendment to secure the reforms. Many organizations have been working on the corrosive nature of money in politics pre and post Citizens United. (Concern about money in politics predates Citizen United, is well documented, and already has defined solutions.) The newcomer MAYDAY received traditional mainstream media coverage these other organizations could only dream of. That media coverage assured that MAYDAY’s SuperPAC coffers would be filled. After all, a message to clean up politics sells, and a well-advertised message sells … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren justifiably slams President Obama for this choice

Elizabeth Warren President Obama Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren: Antonio Weiss nomination is hypocritical Elizabeth Warren is justifiably upset. One of America's last bastions of true liberalism and progressivism is slamming the President for his nomination of another Wall Street bull. Last Wednesday President Obama nominated Antonio Weiss to serve as Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department. Antonio Weiss is the head of the investment banking firm Lazard. And what does Lazard do? They do what most investment banking firms do. They maximize capital investment returns irrespective of cost to country or humanity. Lazard was instrumental in Burger King's acquisition of  Tim Hortons for the purpose of a tax inversion / corporate inversion. In other words they helped arrange the purchase in which the American tax payers will get stiffed. Burger King built its prowess in America with the security, education, and prosperity of its offerings. It then renounces its American corporate citizenship and adopts that of the company it … [Read more...]

Transcript of Bill Clinton’s speech at The New Republic Centennial Gala

President Bill Clinton TNR The New Republic

By Bill Clinton Thank you, Chris, for your introduction, for your leadership, for the new energy and innovation you've brought to The New Republic. I thank you and Guy and Frank and all The New Republic team for inviting me here tonight. I'm honored to be here in the presence of Justice Ginsburg, one of my better appointments. And my—I want to thank Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Keith Ellison, Xavier Becerra, Jared Polis, and Sean Patrick Maloney for being here. I think Senator Schumer was here, and I think Nancy Pelosi is coming. And I can't run for anything, so now I'll say what I think. It's a great thing, you know, being an ex-president. You can say whatever you want. And the sad thing is, no one cares anymore. Unless your wife might run for office. Then they care if you... Then they care if you mess up. Sometimes I forget what Washington's like, and then I'm rudely reminded. Tonight I had a reporter come up to me and said, "You were elected and The New Republic heralded you that you … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Nancy Pelosi must go for doing this. Really? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart tells Nancy Pelosi she must go for doing this

Jon Stewart gets this one wrong Jon Stewart is a straight shooter. It is likely his research team failed him here. Worse he played into two narratives. The first, Nancy Pelosi comes across like a hypocrite in defending women's rights. The second, Nancy Pelosi used unseemly means to get the candidate she wanted for a particular committee. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) a disabled veteran and American hero, is in a high risk pregnancy and was advised not to fly. She asked that she be allowed to vote by proxy in the Democratic Caucus. The request was denied as it went against House rules, it was never done before, and it would set a precedent as was revealed in the closed door meeting. ABC News reported about what transpired in the closed door meeting as follows. The drama played out at a closed-door meeting Thursday, when Duckworth’s request was debated before the caucus. Democrats like Rep. Rosa DeLauro, the co-chair of the Democrat Steering and Policy Committee, cautioned colleagues against setting new … [Read more...]

President Obama heard the electorate, GO LEFT! (VIDEO)

President Obama moving left

President Obama heard the 'entire' country loud and clear When President Obama walked up to the podium to talk about the thumping the Democrats got in the 2014 midterm election, he was not slouching. He seemed rather resolute. It is clear that while the President nominally accepts blame, he must know that acquiescing to the will of Democrats to mostly stay out of campaigning with them likely sealed their fates. They decided not to run on Democratic accomplishments that are now paying dividends. President Obama’s seeming disaffection to the election results was so obvious that Fox News Ed Henry’s questions became a bit contentious. “I haven’t heard you say a specific thing during this news conference that you would do differently,” Ed Henry said. “You’ve been asked it a few different ways. I understand you’re going to reach out. You’ve talked about doing that before. It’s almost like you are doubling down on the same policies and approach you’ve had for six years. So my question is why not pull a page from … [Read more...]

Watch Chris Matthews call out Chuck Todd for misquoting him as Todd gives GOP a talking point (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Iran, Tehran, quote, misquote

Chuck Todd called out by Chris Matthew for providing GOP a talking point Is Chuck Todd just a rookie? Is Chuck Todd a puppet bidding for Right Wing Republican acceptance? Is Chuck Todd simply incompetent? This man continues to make the political discourse more shallow. Earlier on Meet The Press, a piece was shown contrasting Obamacare in Texas and Illinois that was right down the middle. It failed miserably to show the human impact of Texas' choice to deny its citizens access to healthcare by their refusal to accept the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare. This particular interchange between Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd started at first with healthcare. Chris Matthews piggybacked the subject to immigration. Chuck Todd: ... They still haven't marketed healthcare very well. Chris Matthews: As long as you have an intractable opposition -- I was hoping we'd get Orin Hatch in this health care bill. I was hoping to get Mike Enzi. These are all good people. They were negotiating. They all fell off because of … [Read more...]

My new post election hate mail from ‘Sarah Palin’

hate mail from Sarah Palin

It seems like Sarah Palin has moved to Kingwood, Texas. What is even more amazing is that she knows that I am a Kingwood Area Democrat. She even knows that I am a proud supporter of Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. Sadly Sarah Palin assumes that I support Obamacare because I want free healthcare. She thinks that she and her ilk will repeal healthcare and suggested I go to Cuba for free health care. I so wish Sarah Palin had given me her return mailing address so I could correct her. You see, I have never gotten free healthcare. I have always had health insurance. In fact pre-Obamacare I was paying north of $1,200 per month for catastrophic policies with a $10,000 deductible.In other words inasmuch as I had insurance, most of my medical care was out of pocket. I have written about the above here and here. To be clear, from the high taxers that I pay with pleasure to my high medical insurance rate, so far I have given to society via taxes and deeds much more than I have taken out. I wonder if Sarah … [Read more...]

Watch House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slam media sexism for suggesting she step down (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slams media sexism suggesting she step down.

Nancy Pelosi attacks media bias against women Nancy Pelosi appropriately lashed out at a rather tone deaf question from a reporter. "On your own leadership after Democrats lost seats last week in the election," The reporter asked. "I wonder if you gave any thought to stepping down as the leader and what you thought when you decided to stay on." What is most disconcerting is that the reporter that asked the above question was a woman. It was as if the reporter was just parroting mostly male beltway punditry. Nancy Peloci as usual was ready for the question. "What I said to the most recent person who asked is,... I said, 'What was the day that any of you said to Mitch McConnell when they lost the Senate three times in a row … Aren't you getting a little old, Mitch? Shouldn't you step aside?'" Nancy Pelosi said. "Have you ever asked him that question? I don't understand why that question should even come up, I'm here as long as my members want me to be here, as long as there is a reason to be here. I'm … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: From mayor to gang member? – Police use media and prejudice for revenge

Jon Stewart - From Mayor to gang member- Police use media and prejudice for revenge

Jon Stewart gets to the core of bad journalism in Minnesota Jon Stewart got to the  core of what should be an embarrassing moment in journalism displayed by Minnesota TV station KTSP. When the story first appeared on the DailyKOS, one could not help but believe it was a joke. It started off a social media storm with its own hashtag, #pointergate. #pointergate may be the most racist news story of 2014 What you are about to read and watch is stranger than fiction. It's so racist and so outrageous, that people are questioning whether or not it's satire from The Onion. It's real though, and that's what is so shocking and heartbreaking about the whole ordeal. Getting their picture taken above is the mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, with Navell Gordon, a young volunteer from the respected Twin Cities charity, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. To better understand the context, please take just one minute to watch the beginning of [this video]. Pay particular attention at 0:32-0:39 as Navell … [Read more...]