December 21, 2014

These are must reads

Jon Stewart ridicules Congress with his take on spending bill (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's ridicules Congress with his take on spending bll (Omnibus bill).

Jon Stewart on Omnibus bill: The Bill Cosby Of Legislation' Jon Stewart called out the mockery Congress has made of legislating for the American people. He first shows snippets of news reports that highlight some irresponsible spending, $64 Billion on Mideast wars, $521 Million for the military. Fiscal irresponsibility? At least Vice-president Biden did not get a raise. They saved the taxpayer a few pennies. Jon Stewart notes that the Omnibus spending bill cuts the budget of the EPA and the IRS. It removed the ban on the incandescent light bulb. Really? It almost seems like politicians are ensuring we remain energy dependent in order to ensure the viability of the entire fossil fuel energy industry. Jon Stewart was most shocked by the item in the bill that stopped DC from implementing the law passed by most residents of Washington, DC to allow the use of marijuana.  He came to the appropriate conclusion, these politicians were legislating from a spending bill. John Stewart continued his rant. He … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz apologizes. Was he brought to his knees behind closed doors?

Ted Cruz

Republicans are really pissed off at Ted Cruz Over the weekend Ted Cruz drew the wrath of the entire Senate, both Republicans and Democrats. How did he do that? Senators had expected to go home over the weekend to celebrate different events with their families. Senators thought they all had a bi-partisan agreement that they would finalize after the weekend. New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte actually went home to attend "The Nutcracker" with her children. She had to run back to Washington DC. Other Senators had various plans. They were however stuck in Washington over the weekend as reported here. Yet, Texas Senator Ted Cruz along with his wing man Utah Senator Mike Lee held the Senate hostage. They decided they would not abide by the agreement. Politico recaps the genesis of the fight as follows. What provoked the fight in the first place were demands by both Cruz and Lee for a vote blocking Obama’s executive action to defer deportations on millions of immigrants in the country illegally. Reid … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren is America’s best option after Wall Street big win in Congress (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren

The speech that could make Elizabeth Warren President It is evident that the Democratic establishment is worried about Elizabeth Warren. She was brought into the Senate leadership recently likely with the expectation that she would temper her populist demands. There is an article in FiveThirtyEight titled "Elizabeth Warren Wouldn't Be 2016's Obama, But She Could Be Its John Edwards" that can only be considered part of the narrative attempting to temper Senator Elizabeth Warren's growing gravitas and and temper support for her as a potential presidential candidate. One way we know Warren isn’t the 2008 Obama is the thermometer test. It’s a good way to test a relatively unknown potential candidate’s likability. It asks people (not counting those who don’t yet have an opinion) on a scale from 0 to 100 how they feel about a person. Warren’s average temperature among Democrats nationally was 63.9 in a Quinnipiac University survey conducted in March; that’s behind Clinton’s 78.7. Among all voters, Warren was … [Read more...]

Right Wing Conservative, Laura Ingraham, is mostly right about Republican & Democratic establishment

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is absolutely correct on this one A non-working clock has the correct time twice a day. It is proof positive that a country is in trouble when a Right Wing Conservative like Laura Ingraham agrees with Left Wing Liberals. Why? It means that the folks that generally best represent the aggregate pulse of America are so completely dysfunctional that the buffer that keeps the nation together is broken. Laura Ingraham said the following when discussing the Omnibus bill that was just passed by both the House and the Senate. "You know what the problem is? It is that we have two parties that agree with each other on too many issues," said Laura Ingraham. "They agree on open borders, they agree on immigration amnesty, they agree on Common Core, and apparently they agree that we should be able to, individuals should be able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars, now like ten fold I think almost the number, to the political parties. Now I am not in favor of anything that makes it easier for the … [Read more...]

This Obamacare article scares me especially after Democrats capitulated to Wall Street

Wall Street, Obamacare, Wall Street

I am not sure how many understand the betrayal that occurred against Americans yesterday. If they really did, they would be in the streets. If they really did no one would be talking about a Hillary Clinton run but instead an Elizabeth Warren run for President of the United States. After all, it is time to sever the cozy relationship with Wall Street that not even our current President has. Yesterday President Obama and other Democrats encouraged Democrats to make a pact with today's devil, Wall Street. Even as Elizabeth Warren and others begged colleagues not to cave, they caved. They allowed federally insured banks to get back into financial gambling, the virtually unfettered sale and creation of derivatives using bank customer deposits. The failure of those gambles will be the responsibility of every American taxpayer. They will be bailing Wall Street out when their bets go south again. Why the urge to do this now? My hunch is that another financial catastrophe is in the making and having the government … [Read more...]

Watch Elizabeth Warren come out swinging against bill that could allow another economic collapse (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street, Dodd Frank,Banks,derivatives

Elizabeth Warren explains GOP's putting Americans' at risk Senator Elizabeth Warren came out swinging on The Rachel Maddow Show about the Omnibus bill that Congress is attempting to pass. "What the Republicans did is they pushed a bunch of terrible financial bills in the negotiations," Elizabeth Warren said. "A lot of attacks on Dodd-Frank, on the Consumer Protection Bureau, and the Democrats beat them back. But this is the provision that stayed and it is a real stinker." In 2008 the world economy collapsed not because of anything middle class or poor America did. The collapse was a foreseen economic calamity. The titans of finance, the people America wrongly puts in faith in to define our economy proved that after all, it is the average American they depend on when their financial experiments fail. "What this one is about is that after the financial crash," Elizabeth Warren said. "We said to these big financial institutions, you've got to take the riskiest part of your trading, separate it out so … [Read more...]

Watch this Democrat, Stephen Lynch, speak on Obamacare. This is why they lose

Stephen Lynch, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Cadillac Tax

Stephen Lynch allows healthcare to be conflated with wages Rep Stephen Lynch illustrates perfectly why Democrats lose. He demonstrates why they rarely win the moral argument. The provisions many unions are against is the Cadillac Tax within the Affordable Care Act, the ACA (Obamacare). What is the Cadillac Tax that Stephen Lynch is concerned about? Though not said explicitly, The Cadillac Tax was designed to reduce cost by preventing employers from shifting wages to health insurance as a sort of tax shelter. It taxes ultra high premiums over $10,200 per individual and $27,500 per family. After reviewing this year's rates in Texas, good insurance can be had at less than a third of that price. Cigna has a pretty easy to understand document that explains the Cadillac Tax. Stephen Lynch is tackling the wrong problem Stephen Lynch first proudly declared that he voted against the Affordable Care Act because he read it. Really? What plausible alternative did he have for the millions whose finances, health, … [Read more...]

Watch Rep Gerry Connolly uses Gruber hearings to highlight Obamacare policy successes (VIDEO)

Rep Gerry Connolly Slam Dunk defending Obamacare

Rep Gerry Connolly turns lemons into lemonade Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) must be praised. He is a congressman that came prepared not only to interrogate the witnesses but to ensure that he gets relevant information out from witnesses. Rep. Darrell Issa decided to call a hearing because of videos that surfaced where  Obamacare adviser Jonathan Gruber made in-artful comments about the process of getting the law passed. Rep. Gerry Connolly ensured that the kangaroo hearing would get actual information out instead of the constant Republican demagoguery, lies, and misinformation. Rep. Gerry Connolly asked very specific questions. "Romneycare was the model for Obamacare is that not true  Dr. Guber?" Dr. Jonathan Gruber affirmed that was true. Rep. Gerry Connolly then asked  whether Romneycare applied a fine or tax just like Obamacare for those who could afford health insurance but refused to get it. Again Dr. Gruber affirmed the statement. When Rep. Connolly asked what happened to the uninsured … [Read more...]

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio blasts Democrats for being spineless. Return to Democratic blueprint (VIDEO)

Bill de Blasio

Bill De Blasio blasts Democrats with inconvenient truth New York City Bill De Blasio came out swinging in his rather calm manner. When George Stephanopoulos asked him about his op ed titled "Don't Soul-Search. Stiffen Your Backbone" in the Huffington Post, he doubled down. The article is very powerful and progressive. His response was classic about what needed to be done. Talk about income inequality. Talk about the economic crisis that is the pervasive reality in American life right now. About a third of Americans today are living at or near the poverty level. Here in New York City, that's 46 percent, in fact, at or near the poverty level, the greatest income disparity in this country in 100 years. That's what we're experiencing. In the 2014 cycle, Democrats did not speak bluntly about it. They did not honestly say to the people of this country, here's a crisis and we're going to do very specific things about it. We're going to be willing to take on those who are wealthy and ask them to do their … [Read more...]

16 year old Black teen asked his mother, a doctor, this after receiving his drivers license

Lindia Willies-Jacobo, Arturo Jacobo

An American reality for many of us My 16-year-old son recently became a licensed driver, and what should have been a huge, momentous developmental milestone, quickly took on a somber tone when he asked: “Mom, how do I remain safe if I ever get pulled over by a police officer?” This question caught me off guard, but I quickly regained footing, and we formulated a very concrete plan. I reminded my son to always be polite, and we even rehearsed mundane actions such as where he should keep his driver’s license, and I reminded him to always ask permission first as he’s reaching for his driver’s license. I also told him to be sure to tell the officer exactly what he is doing at each stage. My son is 5’9” tall, weighs 135 pounds, is a straight A student, a classical pianist, and plays competitive soccer. The irony in all of this is that as a pediatrician, a significant portion of my time is spent advocating on behalf of children, and talking with families about ways of keeping their children safe. I also happen … [Read more...]