March 5, 2015

These are must reads

This is why Democrats will lose 2016 if they do not move left. Period.

Democrats 2016

 Unless Hillary Clinton moves left she will not win This morning I read The Hill article "Centrist Dems ready strike against Warren wing" and almost pulled out all the hair I do not have on my head. Rather than pulling skin till it bled, I decided to write this piece instead of the piece I really wanted to write this morning. I will do that later. The Hill piece starts as follows. Centrist Democrats are gathering their forces to fight back against the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of their party, fearing a sharp turn to the left could prove disastrous in the 2016 elections. It is as if they believe that the Democratic Party's sharp turn to the right was a centrist move. The reason many Liberals and Progressives have been clamoring for Elizabeth Warren is because of her populist economic message. After being screwed by Wall Street and government policies that allowed them to rip us all off, Progressives and Liberals know it is a message they can sell to Americans, a message that engages Americans. It is … [Read more...]

Reagan adviser on Tea Party Republicans – ‘They are really rather stupid and not very well read’ (VIDEO)

bruce Bartlett

Bruce Bartlett was President Ronald Reagan's Political Adviser Last week at CPAC potential Republican candidates were invoking President Ronald Reagan ad-nauseam.  Ed Schultz asked Bruce Bartlett, former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, how would Reagan have been treated at CPAC. "I think he probably would be booed out of the crowd," Bruce Bartlett said. "If only because he gave amnesty to illegal aliens back in 1986. Nativists like Representative Steve King routinely denounce Reagan for that. They would have denounced him for raising taxes eleven times. They would be  have denounced him for raising the debt limit. They would have denounced him for running budget deficits. They would have denounced him for supporting labor unions. ... And we are not even getting into all the Liberal things that he did as governor such as signing the most Liberal abortion law in the United States. I think this guy definitely would not be a favorite of this crowed. Ed Schultz then asked if it is that Conservatives … [Read more...]

Stop rewarding Obamacare political malpractice by ensuring this truth is widely disseminated

Gallup Uninsured Rates by State 2014

Lies by politicians have consequences on citizens. A free press is the entity whose proper function serves as a backstop to lying politicians. When a free press fails in its duties citizens are hurt. That is the case becoming more evident with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Gallup released a new study that is amazing. Two states that had the biggest drop in the uninsured rates of its citizens were Red States. Which Red States? Arkansas and Kentucky. Between 2013 and 2014 the uninsured rate in Arkansas fell by more than 11%. The uninsured rate in Kentucky fell by more than 10%. These two states are two of the poorest states in the country. They both had Democratic governors that accepted the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare. The following table is rather revealing. The states with the largest decline in the uninsured are the ones that accepted the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare. The state that claims itself as an economic miracle is dead last in securing healthcare insurance for … [Read more...]

Fox News using anti-Obamacare tactics on open Internet via Net Neutrality (VIDEO)

Fox News using Obamacare tactics on open Internet via Net Neutrality

Fox News attempting to use Obamacare scare tactics to fight an open Internet The FCC approved Net Neutrality this week. In effect it ensures the Internet will remain open. It will be regulated just like any other utility ensuring that corporations cannot gouge customers or create unfair advantages. Fox News is at it again. It is attempting to frame the new FCC regulations that treat the Internet as a utility as a government takeover of the Internet. To be clear, Net Neutrality ensures that all have equal access to the Internet. It would be a corporate takeover of the Internet absent the new rules. Who should be trusted more? A government one can vote out or corporations that have monopoly control over the Internet whose sole purpose is increased profits. A few months ago I wrote the piece "Is Net Neutrality Really Necessary? You’re Damn Right!" that unlike Fox News detailed the reasons why this action was a must to protect us form a Plutocracy that is all encompassing. The Internet is … [Read more...]

Chuck Todd channels Jon Stewart slamming media, GOP, & Rudy Giuliani over Obama attacks (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd channels Jon Stewart as he slammed media, GOP, and Rudy Giuliani over Obama attacks

Chuck Todd channels Jon Stewart The opening of Meet The Press today was decidedly shocking. One could have replaced Chuck Todd with a more funny Jon Stewart and believe it was the Daily Show. "He has refused to use the term Islamist or Radical Islam insisting that we are not at war with Islam but with some perversion of a great religion," Chuck Todd said. "Conservatives argue that in doing so Mr. Obama is failing to recognize the true face of the enemy. So we wondered in this debate about semantics and security. Is there precedents for the President's position?" Chuck Todd then began the research journalism that has been lacking by the traditional mainstream media to compare statements from the Bush administration with those from the Obama administration. What was immediately obvious is how similar they were. They both acknowledged America is not at war with Islam. They both acknowledged that Middle Eastern terrorists are perverting the religion. Chuck Todd then questioned the media … [Read more...]

Walmart must not be allowed a win with this cheap PR stunt (VIDEO)


Walmart PR stunt Walmart recently headlined the business news. They are giving a raise to over 500,000 of their employees by raising their base pay from $7.25 to $10.00. This is occurring even without government forcing a national minimum wage. Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon released a video on Facebook addressing employees but really the media. He was excited to be making it in Sam Walton’s office for reasons that likely show Walmart’s blindness to what they have grown to represent. McMillon starts by stating that Walmart’s people make the difference. He said the Walmart leaders wanted to demonstrate this year that they care and appreciate their associates, the title given to their employees for indoctrination purposes. “We want to create a situation where you get every single one of the benefits that those that came before us received,” said McMillon. That is likely the most tone deaf statement of his entire address to the Walmart Nation. Walmart employees do not need to get the … [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) milestone reached with record signups (VIDEO)

Obamacare Record Signups

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) signups a resounding success The Obama administration is justifiably ecstatic. They just blasted out an email that contained the following. We just learned that about 11.4 million Americans signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. That's incredible, undeniable progress. And it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for fighting for reform, and for doing your part to help your loved ones and neighbors get coverage. Because of you, this law is helping more people every day. Today's news makes it harder to understand why Congress would vote repeatedly to repeal reform, or why well-funded interest groups are still trying to challenge the law wherever they can, sometimes resorting to shameful scare tactics to prevent people from getting health care through the marketplace. The other side isn't going away. The best thing we can do right now is make sure everyone knows what taking health care reform away really means -- … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz has an even chance to win Republican Presidential nomination?

Ted Cruz

This morning many woke up to a Chris Cillizza piece in the Washington Post that is a bit shocking. He interviewed a Republican consultant who "has been right more times than I can count" for his piece titled "Ranking the 2016 Republican field." So how does this consultant explain the shocking possibility that Ted Cruz has an even chance of being the Republican Presidential nominee? Think of the Republican field as a series of lanes. In this race, there are four of them: establishment, tea party, social conservative and libertarian. The four lanes are not of equal size: Establishment is the biggest, followed by tea party, social conservative and then libertarian. Obviously, the fight for the top spot in the establishment lane is crowded, with Bush and possibly Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leading at the moment. Ditto the social-conservative lane, with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Rick Santorum pushing hard there. The libertarian lane is all Sen. Rand Paul’s, but, as I noted above, … [Read more...]

Don’t forget the ‘atheist’ part about the man who killed three Muslims in NC

Atheist Murderer of three Muslims

It is poetic justice in a saliently macabre manner that it is an atheist that effected the irrationally violent  murders of 3 Muslim students. One can be sure that atheist Bill Maher and Sam Harris do not want anyone to equate atheists as a Muslim murdering bunch. DailyKOS Leslie Salzillo wrote a must read piece where she spoke about Craig Stephen Hicks, the alleged murderer of the Muslim students. The following snippet jumped out at me. About That 'Atheist' Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina… I mention 'atheist' in the title because I want the media, especially the Liberal media, to make sure it's not left out. Why? Because if he were a Muslim, it would be mentioned. And if he were a Christian, it would be mentioned. What's more important here is for the world to know this man is much more than anything he 'proclaims' to be. This man is an extremist. Hicks does not speak for atheists, just as ISIS does not speak for Muslims, just as Netanyahudoes not speak for Jews, just as Scott Roeder … [Read more...]

Virtual media silence after 3 American Muslims murdered? (VIDEO)

Craig Stephen Hicks murdered Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, Razan Abu-Salha

Muslims and all Americans should be upset with media silence #MuslimLivesMatter 46 year old Craig Stephen Hicks turned himself in and was charged with three counts of first degree murder for killing three Muslim students, Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha. Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, was a Syrian-American doctoral student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's school of Dentistry. Deah Shaddy Barakat, 21, is his wife. Razan Abu-Salha, 19, is his sister-in-law. According to The Independent, they were killed execution style inside their apartment. Yesterday it was sadly confirmed that a brave American young lady held captive by ISIS/ISIL Kayla Mueller, was in fact killed. This is a deeply sad, hurtful, and distressing outcome. The coverage of this event was incessant for most of the day. There was no new information to add. It was simply repetitious. The murder of the three Muslim students by Craig Stephen Hicks occurred at around 5:00 PM EST. It occurred before the … [Read more...]