July 22, 2014

These are must reads

Use Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams story as the spark to move forward

Stacey Abrams

Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams has the answer to a Blue South Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is not very well known nationally. She has been on a few news segments for the traditional media but none of those appearances have garnered her national recognition commensurate with her accomplishments. It is obvious she was well aware of that when she gave her speech at Netroots Nations 2014. “I want to start by telling you a story which I need to do,” Stacey Abrams said. “Because you have now heard from a list of very exciting people and you have no idea who I am or why I am here. So, I am going to tell you why.” Stacey Abrams went on to tell her story. She grew up in Mississippi. Her father was from the poor side of town. Her mother was from the side of town that was even poorer. “Her family was the family poor people made fun of,” Stacey Abrams said. Her mother was a second grade dropout. The woman that her mother cleaned for insisted that her mother go back to school. A … [Read more...]

Reverend William Barber’s inspirational speech at Netroots Nation 2014

William Barber

Reverend William Barber electrifies Netroots Nation 2014 Reverend William Barber visited Netroots Nation 2014 and provided an inspirational speech that electrified the entire room. Most importantly Reverend William Barber gave a history lesson on moral fusion movements. Reverend William Barber described the moral fusion movement in the context of the first and second reconstruction. He is imploring the effecting of the third reconstruction. Reverend William Barber said that today’s moral fusion movement in the form of the third reconstruction must be effected not in a Right/left manner. He said it is not about Democrat or Republican. It is about a moral principle, the establishment of justice. Reverend William Barber had a rather funny moment in a very serious speech. He told his Liberal friends that he does not understand why many of them do not like the Bible. He stated that the core of Liberal values are codified in the text of the Bible. “It is extreme and immoral to suppress the right to … [Read more...]

Detroit resident Atpeace Makita details Detroit’s problems and her hopes going forward

Atpeace Mikita

Atpeace Makita, a Detroit resident and activist speaks of going forward On Friday the Detroit citizens protested in downtown near the COBO convention center. They then marched to the renowned Hart Plaza on the riverfront. Netroots Nation 2014 attendees comprised a very large number of the protestors in solidarity with the cause. A few weeks ago the Detroit water department began shutting off the water for those citizens that owed $150 or more. Most of these people are unemployed, poor, or disabled. It has even drawn criticism from the United Nations. There was an explosive exchange recently between community activist Maureen Taylor and Detroit reporter Hank Winchester on MSNBC as the reporter used dog whistles in describing those that have been unable to pay their bills. Interestingly, many corporations owe thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their water is never at risk of being shutoff. After the protest, a very insightful young woman, Atpeace Makita, spoke to me. … [Read more...]

Vice President Joe Biden heckled at Netroots Nation 2014 ‘Stop deporting our families’

Vice President (Job Title),Joe Biden,Netroots Naton 2014,#NN14,NN14,Heckled,Stop Deporting Our families,Deportation,Immigration

Vice President Joe Biden displays poise when heckled about deportations Vice President Joe Biden visited Netroots Nation this afternoon. The room was full of excitement as he was introduced. The Vice President thanked the Netroots Nation community for demanding and coaxing politicians to effect a progressive agenda. He stated the fact that it would not be possible without the Netroots. In the middle of the speech Vice President Joe Biden was heckled. It first started softly and progressively got louder. A group of attendees stood up in the front side of the room and started yelling ‘Stop deporting our families.’ The Vice President did not get frazzled or perturbed. “I respect your views and I share your views,” Vice President Joe Biden said. “But let me take these issues one …” The hecklers continued for about a minute thereafter. They were then escorted out of the room peacefully. “You should clap for those young people. …” Vice President Joe Biden said. “Can you imagine the pain, the anxiety, … [Read more...]

An interview that puts the plight of Detroit, Netroots Nation 2014′s host, into perspective

Michael Doc Holbrook

Michael Doc Holbrook explains the problems in Detroit Netroots Nation 2014 is in Detroit this year. It is fitting that on my way back to the hotel immediately after registering for the conference, I ran into Michael Doc Holbrook. After stopping at the waterfront, Hart Plaza to take in the view, Michael Doc Holbrook rode up on his bike. We had a pleasant conversation. It wasn't long before I realized we shared a lot in common. He is a political activist. I immediately asked him for an interview. He was kind enough to say yes. Talking to Mr. Holbrook was made more relevant based on an incident that occurred last week. MSNBC had an interview with Detroit Reporter Hank Winchester and Maureen Taylor, a community activist and State Chair of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. The topic was about the water department in Detroit shutting off the water to residents owing $150 or more. Interesting enough there were corporations who owed thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands who would not … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams Right Wing mobs immigration/refugee protests

Jon Stewart,mobs,Right Wing,mobs,immigration,protest,Honduras,El Salvador,Guatemala,

Jon Stewart comes out swinging in support of the kid refugees Jon Stewart's take on the behavior of many Americans’ display of hate and intolerance towards the mostly children refugees from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador was epic. His piece accurately portrayed the insidiousness and ignorance of the protestors. Most importantly he showed the hypocrisy of the Right. Jon Stewart started the piece he titled ‘America’s immigration crisis: Kid Edition’ by first using news clips to detail the crisis. Since October over 52,000 kids from three Central American countries have been flooding the US-Mexican border, primarily Texas. They are fleeing poverty and extreme violence. “There are kids in trouble,” Jon Stewart said. “I was always taught by my parents to follow the golden rule. Whenever you see a kid in trouble, yell at them in a language they don’t understand.” Prescient. John Stewart then showed clips of an out of control mob shouting at the kid refugees. “Go Home,” one angry protester shouted. … [Read more...]

Jada, Houston girl whose rape pictures went viral speaks on National TV (MSNBC)


Kudos to Jada for driving her own narrative By now most Americans are aware of Jada’s story. Jada is a 16 year old Houston, Texas girl. She went to a house hanging-out party and was seemingly drugged. She passed out and several boys took pictures and videos of her. Jada was raped. The young boys (sex criminals) placed the videos and pictures of Jada on the Internet. These pictures went viral. Her friends started calling her to make sure she was alright. Her accused rapist mocked her on twitter. Eventually the hash tag #jadapose was born and attached to a silly meme. Unlike many rape victims who hide and cower because of the pain of exposure, Jada did not. She told KHOU the following. "There's no point in hiding,” she said. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.” Jada has gone national with her story. She appeared on Ronan Farrow Daily and told her story. She wrote a letter to President Obama reminding him that he expressed the importance about doing … [Read more...]

President Obama to GOP: ‘I am the guy doing my job. You must be the other guy.’

President Obama In Austin giving economic speech

 President Obama said he is doing his job but congress is not President Obama is in my state, the state of Texas fundraising and meeting people. He went to Dallas where he met with local elected officials and faith leaders. Governor Rick Perry  got the elevation he needed to meet face to face with the President. The President called the meeting constructive. Dallas officials and specifically Democratic county judge Clay Jenkins have stepped up to help the refugees on the Texas Mexico border in a rather bipartisan fashion. “For the most part,” Clay Jenkins said. “we put aside those partisan arguments and we discussed a way to get this problem resolved.” The overarching rhetoric against immigrants and specifically Latinos do not play well in most of the population centers in Texas. Even the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick has moderated his anti-immigrant anti-Latino rhetoric. While in Texas many, mostly Republicans wanted President Obama to visit the border. He wisely did … [Read more...]

President Obama Speech on the Economy in Austin Texas (Transcript – 07/10/2014)

President Obama Speech on The Economy In Austin Texas

Remarks by the President on the Economy -- Austin, TX Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas 07/10/2014 12:48 P.M. CDT THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Austin!  (Applause.)  Hey!  Hello, Austin!  (Applause.)  All right, everybody have a seat, have a seat. It’s good to be in Austin, Texas.  (Applause.)  Can everybody please give Kinsey a big round of applause for the great introduction?  (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you! THE PRESIDENT:  That's because I love you.  (Applause.)  Everybody knows I love Austin, Texas.  (Applause.)  Every time I come here I tell you how much I love you.  I love Austin.  I love the people.  I love the barbecue -- which I will get right after this.  (Laughter.)  I like the music.  (Applause.)  I've got good memories here, I've got good friends. I was telling somebody the last time I walked a real walk where I was kind of left alone was in Austin, Texas.  (Applause.) Right before the debate here during the primary in 2007?  2008?  It must have been 2008.  And I was walking … [Read more...]

John Fugelsang to GOP ‘If you don’t want to help the sick stop calling yourself Christian’

Corey Hebert John Fugelsang

John  Fugelsang once again calls out the GOP on its intransigence Dr. Corey Herbert, Professor at LSU Health Science Center and John Fugelsang, political commentator and TV Host appeared on The Ed Show on Friday. The show spent considerable time discussing Obamacare and the suit Speaker John Boehner will be filing against the President. Dr. Corey Hebert said that the uninsured rate for young people between the ages of nineteen and thirty four went from 28% to 18%. He also said many of his patients are people who had not seen a doctor in over ten years. That will inherently save money as more people get screenings. More people will use less of the expensive emergency room for primary care. Dr. Corey Hebert said the law suit Speaker John Boehner will file will not be successful. Later on in the segment Dr. Michael Dyson who was subbing for Ed Schultz, asked John Fugelsang why Republicans were against something, Obamacare in general, the Medicaid Expansion in particular, that could help many of their … [Read more...]