March 31, 2015

“I’m a Republican, and You Should Get Covered” by Mark D. Bearden, Ph.D.


Mark D. Bearden is a retired psychologist living in Monroe, North Carolina. In February, he wrote a letter to the President letting him know what the Affordable Care Act has meant to him. The message below was sent to the White House email list today. This Republican leaves ideology behind and signs up for Obamacare Good afternoon, I am a staunch Republican, a self-proclaimed Fox News addict, and I didn't vote for the President. And I'm here to tell you that Obamacare works. I'm living proof. I'm a chemotherapy patient, and was previously paying $428 a month for my health coverage. I was not thrilled when it was cancelled. Then I submitted an application at HealthCare.gov. I looked at my options. And I signed up for a plan for $62 a month. It's the best health care I have ever had. So right now, here's what I want to tell anyone who still needs health insurance, or knows someone who does: Sign up. Follow the instructions on the website. Apply, and look at your options. You still have time, … [Read more...]