March 27, 2015

Egberto On HLN Grading President Obama’s 1st 100 Days

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Stand By Me

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Barack Obama – Le doy un promedio de 90 para losprimeros 100 dias

Pienso que el presidente Barack Obama es uno de los presidentes transcendentes. Sus calificaciones no tienen precedente. Las notas que le doy al presidente son lo siguiente. … [Read more...]

Arlen Specter’s Shift – Good For Obama – Demise of Republicans

Arlen Specter will ultimately represent the savior of President Obama’s policy by given him a veto proof senate. … [Read more...]

US Response to Swine Flu Appropriat – Do not close border

Our government has so far responded precisely as they should to the swine flu potentially impending epidemic. They understand that this is not only a potential health crisis but a crisis that could have severe economic consequences worldwide. … [Read more...]

Egberto on CNN On President Obama’s Job Creation

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Obama’s job creation goals needs time to materialize

President Obama's goal is to invest in the remaking of the US manufacturing arena given the permanent loss of jobs in the old manufacturing employment base. If given the time to materialize, long term full employment will be realized. … [Read more...]

We should not torture period

Torture is simply an excuse for us to not build the necessary deterrents against terrorists. … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Grade After 100 Days

Altogether I give him an A. The A+ is dependent on him making healthcare reform in reality healthcare overhaul. … [Read more...]

Single Payer Healthcare Insurance preferred but at least government provided option a must

I am one of President Obama’s most ardent supporters. I canvassed for him, I donated to his campaign, I raised money for his campaign, I was a precinct captain, and I continue speaking to conservatives convincing many of them to what we all assume President Obama is trying to attain. A single payer health care insurance is absolutely the most efficient way to pay for healthcare. Mathematically speaking that fact is incontrovertible. In the past President Obama supported that. The President stated that he would let the facts dictate the solution to this problem. I understand that because of disinformation on the attempt to equate a single payer healthcare insurance with socialize medicine, that many in congress are scared to go outright with such a system. The only acceptable alternative is to have the government provide competing not for profit insurance. The reality over time will likely make the government not for profit insurance option the only viable option which is where we want to be given its … [Read more...]