April 17, 2015

Sotomayor nomination: Is it about ethnicity? – CNN.com

Others agree, saying Sotomayor is simply a reflection of the modern United States. "As a woman and Hispanic, she brings a necessary flavor to the court that reflects what America is," said Egberto Willies of Kingwood, Texas. "She is the new face of America," added Jimmy Deol of Toronto, Canada. "She's a woman, she's of Hispanic descent, and with her moderate liberal views, she reflects the ... diversity and mainstream views of today's America." And Melissa Fazli thinks Obama just got lucky that someone with Sotomayor's qualifications happened to be both female and Hispanic.   Sotomayor nomination: Is it about ethnicity? - CNN.com … [Read more...]

Judge Sonia Sotomayor An Excellent Choice By President Obama

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is an excellent choice for Supreme Court Justice. She fulfilled all the requirements President Obama and most Americans wanted in one package. … [Read more...]

Single Payer is Healthcare Reform We Need – Why Is Media Absent?

The media has been deafeningly silent on single payer insurance. It is imperative that the media explore the details of single payer insurance in order for citizens to get factual and unbiased information. As citizens we must also ensure that Congress understand that we are aware that 60% of Americans want some sort of universal healthcare. We must bombard all avenues including blogs, chatrooms, call in programs, TV stations, radio stations (conservative and liberal) constantly and effectively daily, hourly to provide the logical reason we support a single payer healthcare insurance as well as detail the failures of for profit health insurance. Contact your specific senator and congressperson and the specific representatives listed below. Call frequently. Call them and let them know we want single payer. I am doing this everyday with many others. Please do your part as this is for us all. Waxman - (202) 225-3976 (DC)  (310) 652-3095, (818) 878-7400, (323) 651-1040 (LA). Rangel - 202-225-4365 … [Read more...]

State Department Should Give Full Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

  The state department is doing the right thing. It is unconscionable that we would deny benefits to same sex couples serving our country. … [Read more...]

No Need For Private Healthcare Insurance Companies – Single Payer Only Solution

There is no need for private healthcare insurance companies. Single Payer Health Insurance is the only solution. See an excellent expose by Bill Moyers on it at http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-262091. … [Read more...]

Juez Sonia Sotomayor Una Excelente Seleccion

La Juez Sonia Sotomayor es una excelente selección para la Corte Suprema de Justicia. Ella cumple con todos los requisitos el Presidente Obama y la mayoría de los estadounidenses querían en un solo paquete. … [Read more...]

Same Sex Marriage Should Be Allowed – Shame of California’s Supreme Court

Irrespective of constitutional spin, anyone not conforming to the majority must be concerned as precedence is being set that civil rights are now at the whim of any majority. … [Read more...]

Obama Would Have Sanctioned Virtual Manslaughter by Insurance Industry If He Does Not Act Now

Last night Bill Moyers Journal had an excellent fact based expose on Single Payer Insurance. Some clips are used to illustrate the realities behind why we must have such a system. President Obama understands that the state of our health insurance system will bankrupt both the country and individuals within. In fact he understood that single payer insurance was the only way out in 2003. If he does not use his ability to educate the masses as to what is at stake and support Single Payer Healthcare Insurance unnecessary deaths will continue. It would be the equivalent of Virtual Health Insurance Sanctioned Manslaughter. … [Read more...]

What Speaker Nancy Pelosi Must Say In Her Interview

She must state that she will no longer allow the deflection of where blame for the torture policy lie, the Bush administration. … [Read more...]

Obama v Cheney – Scalpel v Sledgehammer – Call his bluff and investigate

Today’s duel of speeches between Obama and Cheney is analogous to the difference between a scalpel and a sledgehammer to remove a cancer. Not being attacked since 9/11 should not be a measure of success as chaos and terrorism is more prevalent now than it was then. … [Read more...]