April 18, 2015

Dr. Oz In Houston, TX – Healthcare Reform A Human Right

    Dr. Oz came to Houston and over 2000 people showed up for medical care. Over 33% of people in this area cannot afford or get healthcare insurance. For those who think they are immune to these problems, think again. … [Read more...]

Paul Krugman Knows Economics – Teach America Please

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy When a Sarah Palin, someone that know so little about anything, can dictate national discourse, the country is in trouble. … [Read more...]

Now this is a hell of a cyclist

Well a hell of a mountain biker biking over city “mountains”. … [Read more...]

CNN.com – Interviews give veterans a voice, iReporters a cause

Veterans have fought for the country without asking why. When they come home, it is shameful the way they are treated and the support they get. CNN created an iReport.com project to interview these heroes. Katie Hawkins-Gaar, an Associate Producer at CNN presents this telling article. Click here for the full CNN article. In Kingwood, Texas, software developer Egberto Willies     spoke with 34-year-old veteran Paul Rodriguez. Willies met Rodriguez through a mutual friend. The former Navy corpsman happens to live just a few blocks away. Willies listened to Rodriguez talk for nearly two hours about his time in Iraq, his return home in 2005 and the struggles he faces as a veteran. Rodriguez suffered a brain injury during combat and shared painful stories of adjusting to civilian life. "I used to be the life of the party," said Rodriguez, who used to freelance as a radio disc jockey. Now, he says, he's more serious and tense in social situations. Rodriguez shared a particularly … [Read more...]

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Confronts Michael Steele On GOP Homogeneity

This is telling on the Republican Party. … [Read more...]

Kingwood Observer Article I Wrote 2009-09-09

Click Here for the complete article as the printed one was edited. … [Read more...]

Egberto On CNN com Debating Healthcare Reform

CNN.com Interview

[Read more...]

Egberto On HLN On Obama’s Education Speech

Video thumbnail for youtube video Egberto On HLN On Obama's Education Speech - EgbertoWillies.com

LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.comFollow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]