Why do people often vote against their own interests? #p2 #politics

  The Republicans’ shock victory in the election for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts meant the Democrats lost their supermajority in the Senate. This makes it even harder for the Obama administration to get healthcare reform passed in the US. Political scientist Dr David Runciman looks at why is there often such deep opposition […]

Filmmaker O’Keefe Tweets on Pending Charges Despite Gag Order #p2

  It appears that conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe is continuing to comment on his case despite the gag order of the court. Raw Story and other sites are reporting that O’Keefe tweeted shortly around midnight last night that “Govt official concedes no attempt to wiretap.” It is certainly an important development if true, but O’Keefe […]

Is anybody listening? Wall Street’s Power Grab #p2 #politics

  The Revelations of Sheila Bair: Wall Street’s Power Grab By Michael Hudson January 20, 2010 You almost could hear the bankers heave a sigh of relief when Haiti’s earthquake knocked the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearings off the front pages and evening news broadcasts last week. At stake is Wall Street’s power grab seeking […]

James O’Keefe, ACORN Foe, Arrested for New Stunt #p2 #politics

The moral police strike again. This time they’ve become the subject. James O’Keefe was riding high last year when he released a series of videos showing employees of community-organizing group ACORN offering advice to O’Keefe and a friend that seemed to endorse trafficking in children, among other illegal activities. The undercover videos made O’Keefe a […]

Tea Party Another Way To Rip Off The misinformed #p2 #politics

Conservative leaders always find a way to extort from the ones that least can afford to be ripped off whether it is though tax policies, employment policies, or social policies.  Now they are co-opting a grass root movement that though misinformed as to what the administration had been attempting are for the most part decent […]

RNC ‘census’ mailer draws fire #p2 #politics #GOP

The GOP are the masters of misleading. Below is another example. They’ve done this with healthcare reform, cap and trade, and just about every policy that benefits the average American. Officials of both parties are sharply criticizing a fundraising mailing from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele they say could be confused with official correspondence […]

Poll Confirms Massachusetts Election Was Not A Rejection Of Health Care Reform #p2 #politics

It is imperative that we do not allow the GOP and their insurance company cohorts to change the true narrative. Keep getting the truth out. Following the surprise victory of Sen.-elect Scott Brown (R-MA) in last week’s special election, conservatives have attempted to paint the election as a rejection of healthcare reform and progressive policies […]