April 1, 2015

Greenpeace Unmasks Koch Industries’ Funding of Climate Denial Industry #p2 #tcot

  Koch Industries has “become a financial kingpin of climate science denial and clean energy opposition,” spending over $48.5 million since 1997 to fund the climate denial machine, according to an extensive report today by Greenpeace.  The Greenpeace report reveals how Koch Industries and the foundations under its control spent far more than even ExxonMobil in recent years to fund industry front groups opposed to clean energy and climate policies.  Koch spent over half the total amount -nearly $25 million - funding climate denier groups from 2005 to 2008, a period in which Exxon only spent $8.9 million. Greenpeace’s attempt to lift the veil of secrecy inherent to a private company like Koch Industries is no easy task.  Because it remains privately owned, Koch faces few of the disclosure requirements designed to increase transparency among publicly-traded companies. That intentional secrecy allows Koch Industries, the second-largest privately-held company in the … [Read more...]

Egberto’s Blog Post Mentioned on CNN On What Should Obama Do Next #p2 #tcot

Video thumbnail for youtube video Egberto's Blog Post Mentioned on CNN On What Should Obama Do Next #p2 #tcot - EgbertoWillies.com

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Diverse backgrounds color health care views in ways you may not expect

  (CNN) -- A student, a senior. A Democrat, a Republican. Someone with health insurance, someone with a pre-existing condition, someone with no insurance. Someone who's employed, and someone who's not. A doctor. A Massachusetts resident. They all have different experiences and interests when it comes to health care, and they all have views on the sweeping health care bill that President Obama signed into law Tuesday. Click through the gallery above to meet people from all walks of life and learn their personal views on the health care overhaul and how they think it will affect us. Their answers may surprise you. CONTINUED Diverse backgrounds color health care views in ways you may not expect - CNN.com … [Read more...]

Documents Tea Partiers & GOP Don’t Want You To Read. They Supported Obamacare #p2 #tcot #hcr

  Though Republican lawmakers now vilify the individual mandate for health insurance coverage as unconstitutional, the provision has long roots in conservative health care philosophy and has been supported by such GOP presidents as Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush. Republican administrations were among the first to embrace the concept of forcing individuals to buy coverage. Nixon -- hoping to stave off the single-payer ethos of many congressional Democrats -- explored the idea in the 1970s, though Republicans now dismiss those discussions as the byproduct of a moderate president searching for a domestic policy victory. Less than two decades later, in what remains an unexplored chapter of health care history, a surprising supporter of the individual mandate was George H.W. Bush. According to contemporaneous reporting, Bush used "the tax system to 'encourage and empower' individuals to buy health insurance and would enact insurance market reforms that make it possible for everyone … [Read more...]

Sorry Republicans. Your cost-control ideas belong to Democrats now #p2 #tcot #hcr

  Owned Sorry Republicans. Your cost-control ideas belong to Democrats now. Neera Tanden March 29, 2010 | 1:00 am   On the day of the historic House vote on the Senate bill and reconciliation package, conservative pundit David Frum wrote a piece titled "Waterloo," in which he stated that “conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s.” Frum argued that, by opposing the entire legislative effort as a means to cripple the Obama presidency and refusing to negotiate in good faith, the Republicans ensured they would have no part in shaping the most significant domestic policy of the last 40 years. “Barack Obama badly wanted Republican votes for his plan," Frum explained. "Could we have leveraged his desire to align the plan more closely with conservative views?” The answer is clearly yes. And the consequences will be large. By unilaterally ceding control over the contents of the health bill, Republicans … [Read more...]

FTC Complaints Against Sean Hannity Charity Freedom Concerts Filed #p2 #tcot

Hopefully the Main Stream Media gives him the same type of coverage he has given to those guilty or otherwise. CREW, VoteVets File IRS, FTC Complaints Against Sean Hannity Charity Freedom Concerts First Posted: 03-29-10 11:13 AM   |   Updated: 03-29-10 02:52 PM   Freedom Concerts, Sean Hannity's scholarship charity for the children of fallen soldiers, has violated its charitable tax status, according to a Washington advocacy group. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington alleges that Hannity's Freedom Concerts has "engaged in deceptive and illegal marketing practices by suggesting that all concert ticket sale revenue goes directly to scholarships for children of killed and wounded service members." CREW will host a joint press conference Monday with VoteVets.org discussing complaints with the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission about Freedom Concert, Freedom Alliance, and Lt. Col. Oliver North. Freedom Concerts, which is part of … [Read more...]

Conservatives Need To Stop Being Used By GOP Who Was For Healthcare Mandate Before They Were Against It #hcr #tcot #p2

BE INFORMED!  Republicans Were For Obama's Health Insurance Rule Before They Were Against It RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | 03/27/10 10:14 AM | WASHINGTON — Republicans were for President Barack Obama's requirement that Americans get health insurance before they were against it. The obligation in the new health care law is a Republican idea that's been around at least two decades. It was once trumpeted as an alternative to Bill and Hillary Clinton's failed health care overhaul in the 1990s. These days, Republicans call it government overreach. Mitt Romney, weighing another run for the GOP presidential nomination, signed such a requirement into law at the state level as Massachusetts governor in 2006. At the time, Romney defended it as "a personal responsibility principle" and Massachusetts' newest GOP senator, Scott Brown, backed it. Romney now says Obama's plan is a federal takeover that bears little resemblance to what he did as governor and should be repealed. … [Read more...]

Is Despotism Supported By Republicans? This video is telling #p2 #tcot

I was reading this article at TMP which led me to this article on forms of government. This video is interesting in that it paints a picture of where we were heading under GOP control for the most part of the last 30 years of supply side economics, restricted freedom of speech, and many of the laws passed post 9/11 that are still on the books. Try to watch the video in its entirety. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: ‘100% Of Our Economy Was Private’ Before September 2008. Really? Another Lie #p2 #tcot

This is why the followers of the Right and the listeners of FoxNews and other Right Wing radio are so uninformed. When a Congressperson can patently lie on a radio station, specifically in this tense atmosphere where Republicans have confused many Americans into believing that the Obama administration is trying to have a complete government control economy, this can only lead to Americans making bad decisions. Wherever you hear or see misinformation, you must immediately challenge it with the truth. If your local newspaper prints false information whether in the editorial page, main page, or otherwise, write a letter to the editor and get it printed. If you hear misinformation on the Radio, call in to the program and get on the air and correct it (you may have to be benignly deceptive to get on air by agreeing with the fallacy when being screened by the screener). Correct the misinformation with a tweet. Do not stay silent ever. At the gym or anywhere, if you hear misinformation, respectfully challenge it. … [Read more...]

New US-Russia Nuclear Pact: Obama, Medvedev Sign Off On ‘Landmark’ Arms Accord #p2 #tcot

  MARK S. SMITH and ROBERT BURNS | 03/26/10 11:29 AM | WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed on Friday to sharp cuts in the nuclear arsenals of both nations in the most comprehensive arms control treaty in two decades. "We have turned words into action," Obama declared. Obama said the pact, to be signed April 8 in Prague, was part of his effort to "reset" relations with Russia and a step on a path toward "the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons." The agreement would require both sides to reduce their arsenals of long-range nuclear weapons by about a third, from 2,200 now to 1,500 each. The pact, replacing and expanding a 1991 treaty that expired in December, was a gesture toward improved U.S.-Russian relations that have been badly frayed. The reductions would still leave both sides with immense arsenals – and the ability to easily annihilate each other. "In many ways, nuclear weapons … [Read more...]