Republican calls for TCEQ Investigation & Audit of TxDOT released

Rep. Burgess and the Fort Worth City Council were briefed on issues related to gas drilling in North Texas by TCEQ, and given inaccurate test results of air quality.  When TCEQ realized they had given bad information, they didn’t attempt to contact anyone they had previously briefed.  Here is an excerpt from a Fort Worth […]

Sestak Job Offer To Exit Senate Race Is Ethical. Afterall GOP Messiah Reagan Did It Too #p2 #tcot #teaparty

The non-scandal of the Obama administration offer of a non-paying high level job to prevent a divisive senate race is neither unprecedented or unethical. The mainstream media is again being puppeteered by the GOP talking points to give this the semblance of a Whitehouse scandal. Here is proof positive that even the Republicans Messiah Ronald […]

Stimulus-Critic Rick Perry Only Able To Balance His State’s Budget Because Of Stimulus #p2 #tcot #teaparty

  Back when the economic recovery package (i.e. “the stimulus”) was being debated, a handful of Republican governors garnered headlines by rejecting various portions of the funding. One of the loudest critics of the legislation was Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). At the time, Perry said rejecting the money “was pretty simple for us. … We […]