March 3, 2015

Real World Politics: The Bush Economy, Unemployment and Suicide MUST READ

  Wednesday, July 28, 2010 The Bush Economy, Unemployment and Suicide For a host of reasons, I have made it my policy for now not to go public with my own personal situation.  At least not yet. I deal with my own personal pain and suffering mostly by focusing on making a change and fighting for the countless numbers of others whose plight is far worst than my own. Last night I was in a DM chat with a twitter friend of mine when it suddenly got quite personal for both of us. It turned out that this twitter friend and I share many of the same challenges in life much of which is caused by the severe devastation of the Bush Economic Policies. Our chat went on for quite some time until late into the night. Finally, I told him I was feeling exhausted and need some sleep. I did my best to encourage him and told him to be strong and keep fighting for the change we ALL desperately need.       This morning I woke up and checked in on the twitter front. In my … [Read more...]

Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11Health Bill #p2 #tcot #teaparty

If only more Liberals would get the spine to call out those who would work against the benefit of the average American middleclass we would have a more humane and fair society. The reality is the average American has very few politicians, whether Democrats or Republicans that are on their side mostly because the average American is not engaged and truthfully educated on policies that materially affect them. Disengage and mis-vote at your peril.   … [Read more...]

Stewart To Media: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy’ (VIDEO) #p2 #tcot #teaparty

Stewart strikes again. How can a funny man make so much practical sense in a humorous way. He is correct that every move the President makes will be negatively scrutinized by FoxNews and Conservative outlets. That said, he made an important point. Obama seems to be the best seller of Obama’s policies and accomplishments. That is not a good thing. He needs to effectively duplicate himself to people that will promote his policies forcefully and effectively. Afterall, Michael Jordan or Coby Bryant maybe the best individual basketball players to play the game, they alone could never get their team the championship. Mr. President, duplicate thy self.   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c Leader's Digest www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political … [Read more...]

GOP Filibusters Small Business Bill After Criticizing Dems For Delay #p2 #tcot #teaparty

  For several days now, Senate Republicans have ridiculed their Democratic counterparts for prioritizing campaign finance legislation over a bill that would benefit small businesses, arguing that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was putting electoral advantages over jobs for everyday people. On Tuesday, the DISCLOSE Act failed to get the needed votes for cloture, in the process providing the Senate the time needed to move on to other business. But when leadership brought a revised version of the small business bill to the floor on Thursday morning, they were met with united Republican opposition. Despite complaining about the delay in consideration, Republicans filibustered the measure by a vote of 58 (in favor of cloture) to 42 (against). GOP leadership argued that it wasn't against the aims of the bill per se. They objected mainly to Reid's refusal to allow consideration of amendments to the legislation. "It's not going to die," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell … [Read more...]

Let The Bush Taxcut Expire On The Higher Incomes Now #p2 #tcot #teaparty

If we are serious about the budget deficit we will allow the Bush tax cuts on those making in excess of $200,000 per year to expire. The false talking point that this would affect a large number of small businesses was debunked by factcheck.org the first time McCain made this argument (http://bit.ly/c3JMGA). By simple experience, President Clinton had higher marginal tax rates with a robust economy and much more employment than Reagan. President Bush had one of the worst performances with some of the lowest tax rates and largest budget deficits. President  Jobs created  George W. Bush 3.0 million Bill Clinton 23.1 million George H.W. Bush 2.5 million Ronald Reagan … [Read more...]

The political genius of supply-side economics – A must Read For Thinking Republicans #p2 #tcot #teaparty

  The political genius of supply-side economics July 25, 2010 4:18pm The future of fiscal policy was intensely debated in the FT last week. In this Exchange, I want to examine what is going on in the US and, in particular, what is going on inside the Republican party. This matters for the US and, because the US remains the world’s most important economy, it also matters greatly for the world. My reading of contemporary Republican thinking is that there is no chance of any attempt to arrest adverse long-term fiscal trends should they return to power. Moreover, since the Republicans have no interest in doing anything sensible, the Democrats will gain nothing from trying to do much either. That is the lesson Democrats have to draw from the Clinton era’s successful frugality, which merely gave George W. Bush the opportunity to make massive (irresponsible and unsustainable) tax cuts. In practice, then, nothing will be done. Indeed, nothing may be done even if a genuine fiscal crisis were … [Read more...]

Thank You Andrew Breitbart For Making Shirley Sherrod A Catalyst To Debunk Right’s False Racist Narratives #p2 #tcot #teaparty

America owes much gratitude to Andrew Breitbart. He opened the racism door so wide that doubtful whites were able to see in real time proof of a calculated racist attack by a Right Wing blogger and the established news organization FoxNews. Prior to Breitbart’s release of the doctored tape of Shirley Sherrod’s speech at a banquet at the NAACP in March 2010, FoxNews and the Right Wing echo chamber had been successful in creating a false narrative of rampant reverse racism by the Obama administration. They successfully used doctored tapes with racial overtones to force the community group ACORN out of business. They successfully forced Van Jones an Obama appointee, to resign with subliminal racist and communist overtones. They are attempting to make white America somehow a victim of an inconsequential group, The New Black Panthers, by accusing the Obama administration of not prosecution them for a perceived voter intimidation charge that even the conservative Bush appointee Abigail Thernstrom calls … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Address To The Netroots


  DailyKos … [Read more...]

Egberto on CNN on John King Segment on Obama With GOP Congress #p2 #tcot #teaparty

Video thumbnail for youtube video Egberto on CNN on John King Segment on Obama With GOP Congress #p2 #tcot #teaparty - EgbertoWillies.com

LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.comFollow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Over 45 Employment Prospects Forever Grim – Self Employment Only Option #p2 #tcot #teaparty

Systemic unemployment will affect those over 45 years of age more than anyone else; this specifically because of the oversupply of young unemployed citizens as well as rampant outsourcing. Unfortunately many of those over 45 years of age are the same people who are buying into the tenant of less government programs & low taxes which effectively hurts them whether unemployed or not. … [Read more...]