Do Generic Polls Show GOP Lead Narrowing?

I do not think I am the last one with faith in my American brothers and sisters. Between now and 7:00 PM on Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 I will be reminding our fellow citizens of what is at stake. Let me be clear, losing the House and/or Senate will not destroy our country. It will […]

A Great Selection of Glass Tiles On Line

Are you looking for glass tiles? is the mother of glass tiles. When remodeling your home or if you are building a new home or if you are building or remodeling your place of business, you want to know that there is a place that affords you ample options and a massive selection. Tiles […]

Kingwood Observer Article (2010-08-27) Willful Ignorance #p2 #tcot #teaparty

Click here for PDF of this article. Letters to the Editor-Oct. 27 Willful ignorance Dear Editor: President Obama promised hope and change. Hope and change is still unrealized but in progress. Unfortunately, it is impossible that 30 years of policies that inherently undermined the American middle class can be turned around in 20 months. It […]

Voter Intimidation At McDonald’s: Employees Told That, Unless Republicans Win, They Won’t Get Raises Or Benefits

This is what I have been preaching about “ad nauseum”. The destruction of a middleclass able to live in real freedom. The Right Wing knows of the Tea Party’s intellectual ineptitude and have coerced them into believing that the Obama administration and Democrats are the boogeymen/women taking their freedoms away. Really? When workers are nothing […]

President Obama response to latest terrorist attack as should be; serious, calm, no hyperbole #p2 #tcot #teaparty

For those who believe this event was election related, I must agree. It is likely however on the part of Al-Qaeda wanting to negatively influence our election, possible to harm President Obama’s presidency for his covert methodical annihilation of Al-Qaeda leaders thru out the world with his fleet of drones. While many on the left […]