March 31, 2015

Gas Price Hikes Another Middle Class Abuse By Crisis – Oil, Banking, and Brokerage Killing America

  The banking crisis was used to pilfer middle class tax dollars as banking recovered from taxpayer money and free money from the Federal Reserve. Oil companies use crisis to extort higher prices from Americans. Every time they do this I get happy as I think this is the time they will overstep and permanently wake up the middle class into using alternatives are demanding alternatives. However, these companies change their modal generally just in time. If they are a bit late they just have the government cronies’ help. One can only hope that as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Wisconsin prove successful our entire middle class will demand overall changes in our entire economic structure, one that is biased to the individual with real support for FREE ENTERPRISE. My Book: As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom Book’s Webpage: http://amzn.to/dt72c7    - Twitter: http://twitter.com/egbertowillies … [Read more...]

Podcast Of My Show Liberal Politics Done Right 2011-02-26


This is the podcast for my February 26th, 2011 show on The Force 925. Evan Carroll and I discussed our enlightening visit to the Kingwood Tea Party Monthly Meeting. Deborah Mowrey, a Kingwood political activist called in from her Planned Parenthood meeting in Houston. Clff Olney, a CNN iReporter called in to discuss the Koch brothers. We also discussed the vast income/wealth inequality. I played a CNN iReport by Omekongo Dibinga about America’s past support for dictatorship even as we preach democracy. Our Canadian flavor, usually provided by Julia Sherred was missing as she took a leave from the show for a week. All in all it was a very informative show.   My Book: As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom Book’s Webpage: http://amzn.to/dt72c7 - Twitter: http://twitter.com/egbertowillies … [Read more...]

It’s the Inequality, Stupid: If this does not make you want to fight our system nothing will

This is one of the most complete compilation of data that illustrate what has been occurring in the United States for the last 30 years. It should give every American citizen pause. If this data does not break the indoctrination that the Right has had on many citizens then nothing will. I am of the belief that the lack of dissemination of this data by the main stream media while being available from academia and the government is a direct result of a corporate controlled media. While we have thousands in Wisconsin and around the entire United States rallying against Republican governors intent to destroy unions and with that middle class wages, ABC News decided instead to give much more coverage on teachers unions and the difficulty of firing a few bad teachers. In effect ABC News would mostly disregard the severity of the middle class rally for a union’s right for collective bargaining to universally malign unions in general. Who would have thought that it would be a rant by FoxNews’ Sheppard Smith coming … [Read more...]

Defend the American Dream!

My Book: As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom Book’s Webpage: http://amzn.to/dt72c7   - Twitter: http://twitter.com/egbertowillies … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Fooled. Right Wing Rhetoric Fuel For Violence Against President & Progressives Just Waiting For A Spark

If I told you that someone is going to harm one of your loved ones it is very likely some would preemptively hurt that someone. If I told you that someone has the power to change the lifestyle every American expects in a negative manner many are likely, by all means necessary, to take that someone out. We are in an economic crisis. There is a particular group of blue collar workers that have never been themselves in an economic morass we are now in. While a large percentage of minorities have seen this despair cyclically (many a time as being the last hired they become the first fired,) and have developed a perverse coping mechanism, this particular group of blue collar workers are in full despair. Right Wing talking points that subliminally make our “culturally different” president being the root of these problems while baseless is easy to take hold in despaired mind. When the Right Wing claims our President does not share our values it creates a carnal response. When the Right Wing claims our President … [Read more...]

The Barbara Jordan Cure – The Texas Observer

  Barbara Jordan's 1976 Keynote Address Uploaded by marc1a. - Watch the latest news videos. The Barbara Jordan Cure Published on: Monday, February 21, 2011 I was 12 when I fell for Ronald Reagan. It was the spring of 1976, when the B-actor and A-plus pitchman was mounting his right-wing challenge to the accidental president, Gerald Ford. After squandering an early lead in the polls and losing several key primaries, Reagan had to win my home state of North Carolina to salvage his chances for the GOP nomination—and his political career. So there he was, in my factory city’s plug-ugly auditorium, introduced by Jimmy Stewart and playing the role of a whole new Mr. Smith, eager to go to Washington and challenge the corrupt and godless enemy who’d stolen the freedom of everyday Americans: big, bad, grasping, evil Government. The Gipper explained it all: How the Eastern liberal elites had ruthlessly conspired to steal the hard-earned wages of working stiffs like my daddy. How they’d used … [Read more...]

Corporate Control Media Attempting To Ignore Union Reps On Sunday Talk Shows

It is not at all surprising that the union workers and their leaders are not receiving serious coverage on the Sunday talk shows. It must be remembered that most of the network stations are owned by interests that are not only in broadcasting but in other businesses that benefit from the destruction of employee unions. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are stories of mass protest in the United Kingdom due to the draconian cuts instituted by David Cameron, their new conservative prime minister. These stories went virtually unreported in the United States. It was shown that just collecting taxes from the wealthy in the country that are either delinquent or using tax loopholes to avoid taxes would mitigate the draconian cuts. In the United States taxing capital gains and raising taxes on the wealthy slightly would mitigate our financial woes without affecting the already strapped middle class. There is no reason why the working man should have a higher marginal tax rate that a passive investor. I am … [Read more...]

The Story of CITIZENS UNITED vs FEC Why Democracy Only Works When People are in Charge

I’m a person. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re a person too. ... Exxon? Not a person. But one year ago today, five members of the U.S. Supreme Court got this simple truth all wrong. In the case Citizens United v. FEC they ruled that the limited existing restrictions on corporate spending on U.S. elections were unconstitutional because corporations are entitled to the same first amendment speech protections that individual citizens–people–enjoy in our democracy. And boy did corporations put this ruling to good use: According to a new report by our friends at Public Citizen, spending by outside groups during the 2010 midterm elections in the United States jumped to $294.2 million, up from just $68.9 million in the 2006 cycle. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce alone spent $31.2 million to influence election outcomes. That means that unless we act, our concerns–from good jobs to clean air to safe products–will take even more of a backseat to the concerns of Wal-Mart, Exxon, and Dow than they do now. … [Read more...]

Sheppard Smith Only Sane Anchor Left At FoxNews As He Calls Wisconsin Union Busting Right

I have been saying for months that Sheppard Smith is making sure that he maintains some sort of integrity so he can maintain his own viability when FoxNews craters. FoxNews can maintain its dominance as long as enough of their gullible followers still fail to realize that the same station they adore is a clear and present danger to their finances and their well-being. One can deny reality until the master you worship tells you ‘no’ when in your time of need they are the only option. As a country that eventuality may be closer than many believe to a major financial crisis it may be wise. One must wonder why the most prominent Republicans are choosing not to run. I really do not believe it is President Obama’s invincibility but that every sensible Republicans know that their policies will not be able to correct the 2nd tsunami that is about to hit us. They are more than willing to let President Obama deal with the next economic catastrophe. As such the President should work on policies that will really get … [Read more...]

Markos Moulitsas: War On Labor Will Backfire – But Will Victory Have Staying Power #wiunion

I tend to agree that the push by Republicans in Wisconsin to destroy unions have the potential to backfire. My fear however is that unlike the Republicans (Tea Party) we tend to not have staying power. After electing President Obama, instead of actively matching the false grass root movement against healthcare reform and other policies, we pouted because we did not get all we wanted. This gave the impression that only a minority wanted real healthcare reform. If we are to win this battle we will have to get the real narrative out. The narrative is not only about the Republicans wanting to destroy unions. This is a short term story as only 12% of American workers are unionized and I can already see the Right Wing ads being made that will successfully pit the union workers with better benefits against the low end American worker both fighting for crumbs. Ironically the Right always tries to declare class envy when the middle class confronts the rich for their ill-gotten wealth. The real story that has staying … [Read more...]