Podcast Of My Show Liberal Politics Done Right 2011-02-26


This is the podcast for my February 26th, 2011 show on The Force 925. Evan Carroll and I discussed our enlightening visit to the Kingwood Tea Party Monthly Meeting. Deborah Mowrey, a Kingwood political activist called in from her Planned Parenthood meeting in Houston. Clff Olney, a CNN iReporter called in to discuss the Koch […]

Defend the American Dream!

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The Barbara Jordan Cure – The Texas Observer

  Barbara Jordan’s 1976 Keynote Address Uploaded by marc1a. – Watch the latest news videos. The Barbara Jordan Cure Published on: Monday, February 21, 2011 I was 12 when I fell for Ronald Reagan. It was the spring of 1976, when the B-actor and A-plus pitchman was mounting his right-wing challenge to the accidental president, […]

Markos Moulitsas: War On Labor Will Backfire – But Will Victory Have Staying Power #wiunion

I tend to agree that the push by Republicans in Wisconsin to destroy unions have the potential to backfire. My fear however is that unlike the Republicans (Tea Party) we tend to not have staying power. After electing President Obama, instead of actively matching the false grass root movement against healthcare reform and other policies, […]