Best Graphical Interpretation Of Texas’s Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Wand In Every Texas Woman HB15 Bill (Sonogram)


Texas Sonogram LawA friend led me to Leslie Griffin’s Religion Rogue blog which referenced our great Texas Burnt Orange blog article titled HB15: A Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Wand In Every Woman!. I have taken the liberty to include a copy of the graphic here for the graphic effect of the type of intrusive involvement of Republican governance in our lives here in Texas; the Texas Sonogram Law.

HB15 forces the sonogram procedure shown in the graphic on every woman seeking an abortion in an attempt to coerce her decision making process via guilt irrespective of the woman’s reality.

So much for Conservatives and Republicans keeping governments out of our lives. Conservative government intends to keep the option open to be in the most private parts of our women. Does this not seem closer to what we would expect in Taliban type countries?

Why is a male dominated body effectively deciding what a woman can do to or with her body. While many will want to make this an abortion debate or life of the unborn debate, that is not the point. If it were every GOP budget slasher/Tax Cutter would be convicted of murder for the amount of death they have unleashed throughout our rich country by leaving our most vulnerable without healthcare or limited options.