Jill Sobule Netroots Nation 2011 When They Say They Want Their America Back, What The F@#$ Does It Mean #NN11

I saw this performance live at Netroots Nation 2011. In as much as it is funny on the Youtube video, being in the audience listening to it live was a blast. The reaction in the room was of initial shock because we did not expect the F-bomb. It does however fit the context of the subject.

Walking out of that room everyone was just talking not only about the F-Bomb but when broken down as Jill illustrated how petty and silly the Right is. Can someone tell them that in this country everyone except the natives who were thrown on reservation immigrants or descendants on immigrants?

When will we see that America is the place where anyone who is looking for something better is trying to get to? The genesis of this country should be considered the codification of this value.