April 18, 2015

Republicans on the Debt Ceiling: Screwing Over America – The Daily Beast

In the article below Paul Begala lays out some truths that neither the main stream media and for sure not the right wing media will articulate or force the Republicans to explain not less defend. He uses two phrases that took me aback because the first is absolutely true and the second is the result of the first. He states Seems to me the GOP seeks a banana republic: a toxic blend of right-wing populism, anti-intellectualism, debt defaults, and an end to the ladder of economic opportunity. They would divide us into a few Haves and a lot of Have-Nots. And they would slowly crush the heart of progressive America—the rising middle class created by Democratic economic policies of education and empowerment. All while preserving, protecting, and defending a tiny oligarchy of millionaires and billionaires. The right wing should ditch the tricorn hats and replace them with mirrored sunglasses. They truly are Banana Republicans. While the above statement is depressing to some, I look at it as the opportunity … [Read more...]

US National Debt – No Spin Facts

This chart is factual, verifiable, and in most of the media, whether liberal, progressive, conservative, right wing, moderate, for all practical purposes misreported, unreported, or lied about. Americans cannot be expected to make rational decisions with bad information. In a country where we have an economic system biased to the wealthy in which the richest 400 Americans have a combined wealth of over half of all Americans, we need an educated population. Americans have continued to vote against their own interest because the mainstream media and right wing media consistently under-inform and misinform. Additionally Right Wing and corporate funded think tanks with officially sounding names continued to manufacture information that the media is happy to regurgitate.   … [Read more...]

Podcast Of My Show “Politics Done Right” 2011-07-30


Regular Panel: Evan Carroll - A Software Developer and Political Activist in Kingwood, TX Andy Meyer – A young man disillusioned with the political climate and direction of the country Special Guests: You, our listeners   This Week’s Topics: The Debt-Ceiling Hostage Crisis (When and where does it end?) What would you cut in our budget? Study this chart and let’s talk about it. The News Corp hacking scandal. You can interact with the show as follows: Phone: (646) 929-2495 Twitter: @EgbertoWillies Skype: wcsc05 Join & Organize: Americans for Racial Equality and Economic Justice Email: Egberto@egbertowillies.com JOIN The Facebook Group: http://on.fb.me/qfUTNP Live TV: http://Justin.tv/EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Join Egberto Willies for “POLITICS DONE RIGHT” Sat. July 30th, 1 pm ET, 12 pm CT

ARE YOU ANGRY about the US Economy Hostage Crisis? Call my show today because I want to hear from you directly. Saturday July 30th 12 noon to 2 PM central today (1 pm to 3 pm eastern) This morning we topped 40,000 letters sent to Washington demanding that Congress truly put "country first," and avoid the world's first Great Depression On-Purpose by raising the debt-ceiling.  Please help us reach 50,000 by forwarding this email and sharing this link with people you know. This on-going Hostage Crisis was best summed up by conservative CNBC news anchor Simon Hobbs (see video below).  I can't promise we'll have anyone this angry today on POLITICS DONE RIGHT, but if you are angry, please call in — (646) 929-2495.  Or, if you are taking this all in stride, or, if you are happy a tiny minority of ultra-conservatives are finally getting their say in the way we run our federal government, please call in or listen in from 12 noon to 2 PM central (1 pm to 3 pm … [Read more...]

Bill Maher:American Hypocrisy – Tea Party & Most Americans Love Democratic Socialism

I will repeat this ad nauseum. It is sad that our comedians are making more sense than politicians or the voting population. Bill Maher points out the hypocrisy of Michele Bachmann’s anti-government stance. He additionally illustrates either the ineptitude or misinformed state of many of the Tea Party types like Greg T Nelson who acknowledged being on welfare in the same breath he claims no one helped him. To date the funniest are the Medicare recipients wanting government away from their healthcare as long as government leave their Medicare alone. They are so uninformed that they do not understand that Medicare is a government program. \   … [Read more...]

CNBC Simon Hobbs-Republicans&Boehner To Blame For Debt Impasse – Great Nations Don’t Behave This Way

CNBC’s Simon Hobbs, by no means a Democratic sympathizer excoriated the Republicans in general and Speaker Boehner in particular on the debt ceiling debate. I have yet to see someone in the financial markets come down this hard on the Republicans ever. The problem is why did they wait this long. The following quotes from his excoriation is on point “If one this I can leave you with is this. As the hours tick by it is increasingly likely that the greatest nation in the world, the United States will be stripped of its AAA credit rating by the rating agencies. In other words it means that the rest of the world would say you are more of a liability to lend money to than Singapore, Hong Kong, or France, or Germany, or Britain, or indeed Canada. I believe when this episode is written, this historical episode is written Michael, that they will lay the blame of that squarely on the part of the Republicans and personally on John Boehner in particular. “ Watch the video for his justification.   … [Read more...]

Confederate Flag – Fly It, Stick It on Your License Plate, Fly It On Your Home–Identification Made Easy

Have I not seen this game played before? I keep receiving these emails that want petitions signed to stop the confederate flag from being offered on license plates. Let me be clear, I REALLY DO NOT CARE. Actually, I want every Texan, or for that matter every American who has that itch, that desire, that urge to fly, wear, or display the confederate flag on their license plate the right to do so. I am not into changing or objecting to symbols. I am into changing minds. Having those who want to display these symbols makes it easy for us to identify those that need help. To be honest, I more fear those that I am in touch with that have those urges in private. So let’s get off of it. If they want a confederate flag on their license plate and are willing to pay the personalization fee it may help our budget here in Texas. It can also be a beacon that direct some of us from danger. Need I say more? … [Read more...]

The Shock Doctrine (2009) – Naomi Klein–Make Them Support The Middle Class

I read the book The Shock Doctrine several months ago. This movie narrated by Naomi Cline while not as in depth is enough to bring out the point for those who decide to open their eyes. Unfortunately most Americans have not lived as citizens of another country that has endured what Friedman/Chicago boys/Reagan/Thatcher Supply Side economics has inflicted throughout the world. Funny, even Nixon threw it out the window to save the country when the “self-correcting markets” were about to decimate the country. What supply side economics has created is a semblance of prosperity on a visible few as it has decimated most of the middle class. Funny enough if everyone looks at their financial state today and compare it to where they anticipated it would be and the potential for future growth based on policies that the Right is attempting to implement they would revolt. Unfortunately by subliminally forcing Americans from looking at reality as they take their eye off the ball, the middle class continues to get … [Read more...]

More Hypocrisy (From Ted Poe) by Russell James

Once again Kingwood, TX resident Russell James presents a factual letter to the editor. Given the area we live in, some may feel it is without point to provide this information. It is specifically because we live in an area where factual information is hard to come by that we present this information with corroboration so that our neighbors and friends can make up their minds. We touch our neighbors and local friends’ curiosity when we treat them with respect and provide unbiased information that irrespective of the attacks they engender, will make them think. It is important to note that there is no pair pressure in a voting booth. Your vote is between you and your God and should be made appropriately. In that light we should all be keeping factual information flowing. In the long run we must trust that our friends and neighbors in the privacy of the voting booth will vote in their own financial interest, their own family’s interest, and in the best interest of the country.   … [Read more...]

Tea Party Darling Rep. Joe Walsh Is A Dead Beat Dad, Bachman, Government Welfare Queen. Personal Responsibility Anyone?

I must admit that at first when I decided to blog this story it was all about embarrassing loud mouth hypocrites. But as I started deciding what to write a got extremely upset. You see, Joe Walsh is one of those opportunistic congressmen that has no values or sense of personal responsibility or concern for those in the Tea Party he claims to care for. I once told a friend, judge a person not by how he is perceived to treat friends but how he actually treats his family. You see, someone that treats his family callously, a father that is a dead beat dad, will likely treat his friends at the time they need him most, badly. Someone that is capable of harming their immediate family whether it is financially or psychologically is not trustworthy. Representative Joe Walsh is a man that has so offended the body politic by demeaning Democrats, by demeaning our President even as our President has lived the moral life Rep Walsh is unable to live up to is shameful. Is taking vacations with a girlfriend to Mexico and … [Read more...]