Wake Up America GOP Policies Really Kills


Republican policy meet death! For those who want to follow the laissez faire policies of the Republican Party where cutting is more important than human life, do remember we all have fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, wives, husbands which at some point in time depend on having a government that regulates private industries from killing us. […]

Eversole pleads guilty to making false statement to FBI


Blogging City Hall and Harris County government with the Chronicle staff Eversole pleads guilty to making false statement to FBI Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole pleaded guilty this morning in federal court to a felony charge of making a false statement to FBI agents. The charge carries up to five years in prison and a […]

Texas High School Democrats (THSD)


Texas High School Democrats (THSD) We’re excited for our first event in the Houston area on October 16th! When: Sun, October 16, 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm Where: Main Event Entertainment, 1125 Magnolia Avenue, Webster, TX Purpose of this Event To connect Houston-area Democrats and to facilitate the idea-sharing of our local clubs To inform […]

President Obama’s American Jobs Act Just A Start


Egberto Willies is the author of the book, As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom and founder of the Coffee Party 2.0 program Americans for Racial Equality & Economic Justice.  He will be speaking at Enough is Enough: Citizens Intervention Oct. 29th and hopes to see you there! When […]

Marc Croes Of Kingwood TX Editorial In Kingwood Observer 2011-09-28


Kingwood Area Democrat Marc Croes wrote the following excellent Letter To The Editor relative to jobs, taxes, spending, and economic activity. Marc understands what seems completely oblivious likely because of willful ignorance of most Republican leaders and their followers. Marc is a physicist and understands better than most why most of the gibberish being articulated […]

Daily Kos: Rick Perry says he regrets saying it’s ‘heartless’ to oppose education for children of immigrants


  Rick Perry tries to reassure the haters that he’s really one of them: After declining to back down from his earlier comments on immigration as recently as this morning, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) seems to be changing his tune. In an interview with Newsmax.TV, Perry referred to his remark that anyone who opposed giving […]

Senate Approves President Obama’s Nominee Robert L Pitman Becoming First Openly Gay US Attorney In Texas


The United States Senate confirmed  Robert Lee Pitman a Texas Democrat to be a federal prosecutor on September 26, 2011. President Obama’s nominee U.S. Magistrate Robert Pitman of Austin, will lead the San Antonio-based Western District. Once he is sworn in, Pitman would be the first openly gay United States Attorney in Texas. Robert Lee […]

President Obama’s Nominee Sarah Saldaña Approved by Senate To Become Texas First Latino Chief Prosecutor


HISPANIC TRAILBLAZER NEWS The US Senate confirmed Corpus Christi native Sarah Saldaña a Texas Democrat career prosecutor and corruption fighter as chief federal prosecutor in the Dallas-based Northern District of Texas. President Obama nominated Saldana on June 27th as the state’s first Latina Chief Prosecutor, hopefully trailblazing the way for more Hispanic’s into positions of […]