Coffee Party USA Member Shane Brooks at Occupy DC


  Our Coffee Party Member and blogger Shane Brooks stood up at and gave a speech to the occupiers at OccupyDC. They were all attentively listening to his comments. He was followed by Steve Fitzgerald, an Occupy Wall Street occupier in New York. Shane Brooks blogs both at Coffee Party USA and at Whiskey With […]

The 80/20 Project Plan | Whiskey With My Coffee


  The 80/20 Project Plan As promised a loooong time ago, here is the "big" plan that I told you friend and I are working on.  I know I promised this sooner, but things happen.  We’ve had a few bites of interest from a few organizational leaders, but nothing that has led to anything serious.  […]

Occupy Movement Will Make Democrats Act Like Democrats Again


I am a Liberal. I am a Democrat because the Democratic platform is a Liberal platform. The Democratic platform is a Progressive platform. This country was made a better country because of liberal values; Liberal values effected by both Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans. Absent Liberal values segregation and Jim Crow laws would still exist. […]


Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale We have been living in Salt Lake City for the last four years so that my husband could finish his residency. We are originally both from Georgia, and are excited that we will be moving back to the area soon. My husband got an academic and clinical […]

The Definition Of A True Friend by Nia Wesley


Below is Nia Wesley’s latest Kingwood Observer article. This time she tackles true friendship. I guess what my daughter told me is true. Friendship between girls is more challenging than between boys. An important statement Nia makes also applies even to the grown ups. Friendship must be nurtured. Personally I can get so engrossed into […]