April 18, 2015

The OCCUPY WALL STREET Rag by David Ippolito – That Guitar Man from Central Park


David Hayase introduced me to this musician at OccupyDC. He told me I needed to feature this guys song called “The Occupy Wall Street Rag”.           I've been getting requests for the chords and lyrics to the new song I wrote and, along with mt pal Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dean Love, shot a video. So if you're a guitar or piano player.. (I'm not sure the song works on tuba, but you can try it!) ... here are the chords and lyrics. It's really simple song. It was written that way intentionally. Have fun. "The OCCUPY WALL STREET Rag" Click for the chord chart Click for lyrics . David Ippolito | That Guitar Man from Central Park … [Read more...]

OccupyDC: Steve Fitzgerald Gives Excellent Activist Speech on Real Economic State


I met Steve Fitzgerald at OccupyDC on October 28th. He gave a rousing speech about the state of our form of capitalism. While is speech was activist in nature, the underlying message is absolutely true. He told me he was heading back to New York shortly to be with the guys at Occupy New York. He has been very active in that movement. He gave the speech twice to two different audiences in the park to grand applause every single time. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Interview of Kevin Zeese at Occupy Washington DC


I interviewed Kevin Zeese on October 28th, 2011 at his camp at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. He is a part of the Occupy Washington DC movement (This is a different group than the Occupy DC group). Their encampment like the Occupy DC encampment also had all the facilities of a new community. They took care of both the occupiers and the surrounding homeless left adrift by our “humane government” inasmuch as many of these are disabled veterans who have served the country and are suffering from psychological problems.   … [Read more...]

Coffee Party USA Member Shane Brooks at Occupy DC


  Our Coffee Party Member and blogger Shane Brooks stood up at and gave a speech to the occupiers at OccupyDC. They were all attentively listening to his comments. He was followed by Steve Fitzgerald, an Occupy Wall Street occupier in New York. Shane Brooks blogs both at Coffee Party USA and at Whiskey With My Coffee. He is a former Tea Party member that left after his eyes were opened to the astroturf nature of the movement. He is now one of our members who inasmuch as he is conservative in many of his social values is fair minded about the predicament of the 99% who are being swindled by our current economic system. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.comFollow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Interview With Jesse LaGreca, The Man That Put Fox News In Its Place


  On October 29th, 2011, I interviewed Jesse LaGreca, one of the few people I’ve seen who could handle a Fox News leading malicious interview. I did the Interview in McPherson Square where the Occupy DC movement is occupying. As usual, he gave a spirited interview and was on point on all the issues that is afflicting our middle class and poor. Jesse LaGreca was in town to speak at the Coffee Party Enough Is Enough Citizens Intervention Rally. He also did a Thom Hartman interview. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

The 80/20 Project Plan | Whiskey With My Coffee


  The 80/20 Project Plan As promised a loooong time ago, here is the "big" plan that I told you friend and I are working on.  I know I promised this sooner, but things happen.  We've had a few bites of interest from a few organizational leaders, but nothing that has led to anything serious.  We likely just don't have the time nor resources to put something like this together, but I thought folks might want to take a look at it and offer some feedback.  Yes, I'm back to blogging.  I'm just trying to post a few late promises in case any of my old readers are still around.  I'll explain what I've been up to a little later. “80/20 Project” by Shane Brooks & Shawn Byars The problem Introduction All across Texas and the nation grassroots organizations have formed in order to protest the abuses and encroachment of the political machine that runs our government. They are founded on a set of principles and often a set of ideas for what changes … [Read more...]

Occupy Movement Will Make Democrats Act Like Democrats Again


I am a Liberal. I am a Democrat because the Democratic platform is a Liberal platform. The Democratic platform is a Progressive platform. This country was made a better country because of liberal values; Liberal values effected by both Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans. Absent Liberal values segregation and Jim Crow laws would still exist. Absent Liberal values women would still not be allowed to vote. Absent Liberal values there would be no minimum wage. Absent Liberal values there would be no safety net (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc). Absent Liberal values there would be no check on the wealthy’s continued pilfering of the middle class. But wait! The middle class has been pilfered. What happened to our Democrats? What happened to our Liberal bastions. Many sold out and became Republican Lite. We all know the Tea Party was a fabrication. It was no grass root movement but the creation of the Plutocrats fearing a Liberal President that would change the order established by the coalition … [Read more...]


Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale We have been living in Salt Lake City for the last four years so that my husband could finish his residency. We are originally both from Georgia, and are excited that we will be moving back to the area soon. My husband got an academic and clinical position at Emory. We are both happy because we will be close to family again and hope to start a family of our own soon. As soon as he accepted the job offer, we headed to Atlanta to start looking for a house. We wanted something that was close to the school, but also something that felt like a home. We definitely were not in the market for an apartment. I feel lucky that we were able to find a great home in Buckhead ( a neighborhood in Atlanta). The house we bought was built in the 1940’s and has a lot of charm. It was updated by the couple that we bought the house from. There are only a few things that I did to the house to get ready for our big move. I changed the paint in almost every room to match our tastes. I also … [Read more...]

The Definition Of A True Friend by Nia Wesley


Below is Nia Wesley’s latest Kingwood Observer article. This time she tackles true friendship. I guess what my daughter told me is true. Friendship between girls is more challenging than between boys. An important statement Nia makes also applies even to the grown ups. Friendship must be nurtured. Personally I can get so engrossed into my own political activities that I forget that. Luckily many of my real friends give me a pass as they know where the heart really is. I guess real friends take the time to judge their friends based not on the frequency of communication but the quality of communication as well as if one will be there in the time of need. Again Nia, good job. You will make many of us think, both the young and the not so young. … [Read more...]

Generation no longer understands meaning of American Dream by Bryan Henry


I picked up the Kingwood Observer this morning to read the letters to the editor. I find that one can get a pulse of the community by starting there. I was simply blown away by the passion of the letter to the editor by Bryan Henry who says he is in his 20s. I got excited because I have been waiting for the youth to finally get into the game. Many in Baby Boomer generation have simply failed our children by buying into the fallacies of trickle-down economics and the many policies that have taken our country to the brink. At the same time we are continuing the support of policies that penalize the youth and the old as well as policies that in effect transferred much of the country’s wealth to a few who cannot be considered but pilferers of the country’s fortunes. It will take a continuous movement by the youth joined by moral adults who are willing to open their eyes the idolatry of their ideology. Dear editor, They have been called socialists, anarchists, hippies, naïve dreamers, ignorant … [Read more...]