Rep Loretta Sanchez Republican Colleagues Friends Admit To Holding Economy Hostage To Defeat Obama

imageLoretta Sanchez articulates what we all know. There is a conspiracy by Republicans to ensure the economy remains stagnant with the expectations that that will increase their chances for winning the Whitehouse.

This should be no surprise at all. After all the healthcare bill passed was more similar to a Republican bill than a Progressive bill yet Republicans vilified it. The mandate they now abhor was a Republican idea. The jobs bill they are refusing to support is packed with policies once supported by Republicans.

We cannot expect this message to be actively disseminated by the corporate media. It is then the responsibility of our local and national activists to stay on message and continue to point out the facts and how it affects every American. It is not enough to throw out the facts. We must make an emotional connection with those we are engaging by showing how the evil policies of the Right materially affect them, their family, their relatives, and ultimately the well being of our country.