March 30, 2015

iReporters’ take on CNN GOP national security debate – CNN iReport Blog


  iReporters' take on CNN GOP national security debate Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Last night, the prospective GOP primary contenders gathered at George Washington University in Washingon, D.C., for a CNN-hosted debate on national security and foreign policy. Candidates squared off on the war in Afghanistan, immigration, aid to Pakistan, and why they believe they'd be a more effective Commander-In-Chief than President Obama. iReporters who watched the debate shared their thoughts on the best and worst performances of the night. Longtime politics iReporter Egberto Willies was impressed by last night's debate, and thought it was one of the more substantive ones to date. While he thought Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were "intellectualy dishonest," he was particularly impressed by the philosophies of libertarian-leaning candidates Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul. "Jon Huntsman came across  as a real conservative with true American values without the need to  … [Read more...]

Introducing Diane Trautman, Candidate For Harris County Board of Education, At Large Position 3


Dr. Diane Trautman has officially entered the primaries for the Harris County Board Of Education. Visit her website here and her Facebook page here. A little bit about Diane. Diane Trautman is a native Texan, born in a small West Texas town, and moved with her family to Houston while still an infant. She attended Houston ISD public schools and early on, displayed leadership skills in organizing family events, taking care of her smaller brothers and sister, and working part time to earn her way to college. Diane was greatly influenced by both of her parents. Her father, a World War II veteran and retired chemical worker at Ethyl Corporation, taught her to respect his core values: hard work, honesty, and integrity. Her mother placed a high value on education and educators and the importance of the role both play in American society—her dream was for her daughter to become a teacher. Diane went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees at the University of Houston. She was … [Read more...]

Private Sector Job Growth Accelerates, Report Shows – NYTimes.com


  Private Sector Job Growth Accelerates, Report Shows By REUTERS Published: November 30, 2011 at 9:39 AM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) - Private sector job growth accelerated in November as employers created the most jobs in nearly a year, prompting economists to raise their forecasts for Friday's more comprehensive U.S. labor report. The ADP National Employment Report on Wednesday showed private employers added 206,000 jobs this month, surpassing economists' expectations for a gain of 130,000 jobs. It was the biggest gain since December 2010. "The ADP news is very good news. The private sector is adding jobs," said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at John Thomas Financial in New York. The government's November U.S. labor market report on Friday, which includes both public and private sector employment, is expected to show a rise in overall nonfarm payrolls of 122,000 this month and a rise in private payrolls of 140,000. Economists often refer to the ADP report to … [Read more...]

Why Occupy Wall Street Must Go Political–Protect IP (HR 3261 & S 968) To Derail Internet


Before I go into my prose, please click here to sign the petition against the Protect IP bill and call your 2 senators against this bill now. Our free enterprise economy depends on it. If these bills pass, corporations will own the last bastion of information dispersal available to the middle class. Now my prose. I have visited Occupy DC and spoken to many of the participants. I have spoken to Jesse LaGreca from Occupy Wall Street. I have argued with Kevin Zeese of Occupy Washington DC about the reasons why the movement must be politically engaged. I have discussed with many at Occupy Houston why it is imperative that the movement enters into elective politics mode and soon. The Occupy movement and many other movements aimed at dissemination of information to the middle class to ensure that they are educated on issues that directly affect them is done via the Internet partly because our corporate controlled media continues to misinform with a strong corporate bias. Many in the Occupy movement continue to … [Read more...]

Republicans Fighting For Tax Giveaways To Millionaires and Tax Hikes For Middle Class


Later this week, the Senate will vote on a part of the President's jobs plan, which would keep the payroll tax cut from expiring and expand it to give workers a bigger tax cut worth an average of $1,500. To keep this tax cut from adding to our debt, it's fully paid for by making millionaires chip in 3.25% on the income they make above a million dollars -- the key reason why Republicans in Congress are opposing the bill. Republican politicians want every American worker to pay MORE taxes just so millionaires can pay LESS. Politicians need to put our economy and workers first, not the millionaires funding their campaigns. But Washington Republicans are now opposing a payroll tax cut that's creating jobs and putting money in the pocket of every working American -- just so the wealthiest few can keep paying less. They'll do just about anything to protect tax giveaways for millionaires and the rest of the 1% -- even at the expense of the rest of us. Millionaire tax giveaways don't trickle down. But Obama's tax … [Read more...]

Georgia Woman Claims 13 year Affair With Herman Cain–The Moral Party Seem The Most Immoral


Look I am not trying to be judgmental. Actually in the case of Herman Cain and the Republicans, YES I AM. You see, these guys unlike Liberals try to attach themselves to Jesus, religion, and morality, yet in their personal behavior and policy behavior they always fail miserably. That Newt Gingrich, a morally depraved individual can be considered the GOP front runner says it all. What is ironic is that President Obama “The Liberal”, the family man, the married to one woman man, embodies all the moral values that the GOP candidates, operatives, and preachers alike love preaching about even as their scandals become more prevalent. That they cannot support their likely three most personally moral candidates, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Jon Huntsman, simply shows what the new Republicans have become, modern day Pharisees. Their policies hurt people. Their policies are biased against the middle class. Their policies are inherently prejudice by class, race, and gender. Again, given that Republicans continue to … [Read more...]

I voted for Barack Obama, and I don’t want my money back.


I missed this one last week but found in my Facebook feed. Thomas Friedman expresses my sentiment exactly. His statement I voted for Barack Obama, and I don’t want my money back. He’s never gotten the credit he deserves for bringing the economy he inherited back from the brink of a depression. He’s fought the war on terrorism in a smart and effective way. He’s making health care possible for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and he saved the auto industry. This is big stuff. But, as important as all of these achievements are, they pale in comparison to the defining challenge of Obama’s presidency: Can he put the country on a sustainable economic recovery path at a time when, if we fail, it could be the end of the American dream? is what every Liberal, Progressive, and Moderate should be stating loudly and often. These truths should roll off of every thinking American’s tongue. The reality is anyone in the middle class voting for any Republican in this election is voting against their … [Read more...]

Good Act Rewarded – Houston Chronicle Join In Praises Of Kingwood Students


The Kingwood story with legs. Houston Chronicle joins in on reporting this Kingwood story that likely says more about our young children than about Kingwood proper. One can only hope that other some of the national outlets give this positive story more exposure. Many times we give people coverage for having overcome a drug problem or some previous bad act. For those who have done things right all along there never seems to be a reward. Think about this. That recovery from bad acts seem to be rewarded more so by our mainstream media than good acts or good behavior may be causal in the denigration of our society. Who knows, it may be even increase bad ad acts in seek of the satisfaction of a possible redemptive reward. Just maybe Oprah Winfrey, Helen Degenerous, and others will give these kids some coverage to show America that good in fact is rewarded. Kingwood High students stand up for Mr. Love By LISA FALKENBERG, HOUSTON CHRONICLE Updated 11:28 p.m., Thursday, November 24, 2011 Douglas … [Read more...]

In hard times, Americans still thankful–CNN.com


(CNN) -- This Thanksgiving holiday, Linda Moses is thankful just to be alive. The 54-year-old Texas woman was in a car crash in August with her son, his pregnant wife and a family friend. They were on their first family vacation together in the coastal area of Rockport when a texting driver veered into their lane and hit her son's Chevy Tahoe head-on. Everyone survived, including the driver of the other car. But their struggles were far from over. Moses lost her job when she was unable to immediately return to work while recovering from a cracked sternum and ribs. Her son, Ryan, lost part of his right leg, ending his dream of entering the National Guard, a few weeks before he would have started basic training. His wife, Courtney, went into labor in September, almost four months early. It's been rough, Moses said, but amid the trauma, brights spots are starting to emerge. Her son received a prosthetic leg Wednesday and he starts physical therapy next week. Little Kaileigh, Moses' first grandchild, … [Read more...]

Charles Dickens Revisited by Bob Henderson chairman of Kay County, OK, Democrats


Charles Dickens Revisited by Bob Henderson If you've read any nineteenth-century English literature, several societal conditions leap out at you instantly. In books that accurately portray the facts of life of more than a century ago, children are the best source of cheap labor. In fact, collective bargaining is against the law. The rich invariably exploit the working class. And the fate of women is such that they are exploited by practically everyone. You would think that all such conditions, so richly engrossing when we encounter them in Charles Dickens, would be out of place in the 21st century. But if Dickens were still alive, he might be surprised to learn that the policies he wrote about are still in vogue in some circles today. According to the most recent national polls, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president is Newt Gingrich. Last week, Gingrich called for the repeal of child labor laws, and advocated nine-year-olds go to work as school janitors. He also proposed … [Read more...]