Interview of David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap of Move To Amend


*+-Coffee Party’s discussion with David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap about the strategy and methods of Move to Amend Coalition, their upcoming action, Occupy the Courts and what it would mean to join the coalition. Many Coffee Party members joined the call with their concerns about our collaboration. We also discussed Citizens United in detail. My […]

Online Shopping

*+-Posted by Arden Wallace I love online shopping, don’t you guys? I know it’s the best time of year for it because it’s Christmas but it’s just nice when you’re like me with 3 young kids where you don’t have to get out and go to a store, you can just get online and order […]

Rebuff the 12 big Right Wing lies as follows. Do it to save the country!


*+-1.    When they say: "We can’t raise taxes on job creators." Then you say… We should be putting money in the pockets of the real job creators: the middle class whose spending keeps our businesses thriving and hiring. Instead, the GOP just voted to raise taxes on millions of middle-class Americans and protect tax giveaways […]

Cody Pogue His View Of The True Meaning Of Christmas


*+-I love the Christmas season. This time of year brings a special joy to my heart. There is nothing I love more than getting together with my family, eating homemade barbecue, and watching endless reruns of the Christmas story. No matter what age we are, we can always be children again at Christmas. We can […]

FOCUS | Occupy The Dinner Table


*+-  Occupy the Dinner Table By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News 26 December 11 Reader Supported News | Perspective ike every liberal activist and preacher’s son, I have arch-conservative family members who don’t agree with my philosophies whom I see every year on the holidays. This year, Occupiers have nothing to worry about – when […]

Five myths about the Solyndra collapse – The Washington Post


*+-  Five myths about the Solyndra collapse Posted by Brad Plumerat 10:07 AM ET, 09/14/2011 There are still plenty of nagging questions about the collapse of Solyndra, the California-based solar-panel maker that went bankrupt last month after getting $535 million worth of loan guarantees from the Obama administration. Such as: Did the Energy Department fail […]

You Still Matter


*+-Something amazing is happening today. The Tea Party faction of the Republicans in Congress that was holding the payroll tax relief for the middle class and the poor hostage in order to force ideological demands into the bill were forced to cave. Make no mistake; this did not occur because of leadership either from the […]