KHOU Report on The Firework Attack On My Home

KHOU reports on the fireworks attack on my home 

I am always concerned with the media spinning a story in a direction for dramatic effect as opposed to the reality of the event. It is for this reason that when I was approached by KHOU that I did not want to be interviewed on camera because of concerns of how the story would be played.

I did not want to appear as a whiner, a victim, or a media hog. I did want the video in the public domain as the best disinfectant for evil is exposure and transparency. That said I am very happy with Reporter Rucks Russell description of the event and his humane expansion of its coverage.

Some have wanted to portray this event lightly.That is sad because this was no basic prank. This person wanted to send a message and based on some emails I have received with quotes from sites around town, a few hate snail mails, other events I need not mention,  I am sure most would have reacted much more effortful than I did.

Kingwood: Democratic activist thinks fireworks attack was politically motivated | Houston

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