April 1, 2015

Join us on Politics Done Right w/ Egberto Willies at 1PM Eastern To Discuss Obamacare and More


Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern Call In and Listen: (646) 929-2495 Listen And Chat Here   Today we will discuss the Affordable Care Act, the Trayvon Martin tragic killing, and how the manipulation of our state legislatures by ALEC, money in politics, and outright corporate corruption is destroying the fabric of our nation. Will the mandate be overturned? Should the mandate be overturned? Should Trayvan Martin’s killer George Zimmerman be arrested? Are “stand your ground” laws even constitutional? Why would ALEC promote these types of laws? Please call me at (646) 929-2495 and talk to me. You can also listen here from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Make your voice heard. You must be heard if we are to reverse the course of the nation.   Join Egberto in Americans for Racial Equality & Economic Justice by signing up below   … [Read more...]

Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League Endorses Diane Trautman’s County School Board Race


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 30, 2012 Contact: Diane Trautman Campaign, 713-417-4235 Afro-American Sheriff's Deputy League Endorses Diane Trautman's County School Board Race Houston, TX. - Dr. Diane Trautman received a key endorsement this past week from the Afro-American Sheriff's Deputy League making a total of 10 Democratic organizations who have endorsed her race for Harris County Board of Education. Earlier endorsements include Harris County AFL-CIO, Houston Black American Democrats, Harris County Tejano Democrats, the Houston Federation of Teachers, Area 5 Democrats, Democracy for Houston, Democracy for America, Katy Area Democrats, and the Pleasantville Voters League. Afro-American Sheriff's Deputy League President, J. M. "Smokie" Phillips, Jr. had this to say about Diane's endorsement, "We believe that Diane certainly possesses the qualities to serve as a Harris County Board of Education Trustee, qualities such as experience … [Read more...]

Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann – NYTimes.com


  Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann By BRIAN STELTER 5:42 p.m. | Updated Current TV said Friday afternoon that it had terminated the contract of its lead anchor, Keith Olbermann, scarcely a year after he was hired to reboot the fledgling channel in his progressive political image. Current indicated that he had failed to honor the terms of his five-year, $50 million contract, giving the channel the right to terminate it. In a stream of Twitter messages, Mr. Olbermann responded to Current’s announcement by stating that “the claims against me in Current’s statement are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be filing against them presently.” Starting Friday night, the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer will take over Mr. Olbermann’s 8 p.m. time slot, according to a letter to viewers. His program will be titled “Viewpoint With Eliot Spitzer.” In the letter, the channel’s founders, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, wrote: “We created Current to give voice to those Americans … [Read more...]

Statement from Houston Stonewall Young Democrats on Attempts to Disrupt Progressive Coalitions


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Cancer v. the Constitution « Dr. Jen Gunter


This is why we fight. You see this could be your sister, your daughter, your mother, your grandmother, or just your friend. Those that are against the Affordable Care Act must divert your attention from the realities of the utter evil that is our healthcare system. A system that puts capital over humanity. A system that profits by minimizing your access to healthcare. A system that profits from your death rather than your healing. To justify our current healthcare system requires thick blinders. I am not a super sensitive guy, but the story below put a lump in my throat. You see, I personally know many who simply could not get insurance and are living as prisoners to their fears of getting sick. Cancer v. the Constitution Posted by Dr. Jen Gunter ⋅ March 28, 2012⋅ 44 Comments The patient in the emergency department smelled of advanced cancer. It is the smell of rotting flesh, but even more pungent. You only ever have to smell it once. She had been bleeding irregularly, but chalked it up to … [Read more...]

Houston Chronicle Reporter Sarah Tressler’s Double Life as Stripper


I know this is off subject from my blog’s tenet but hell if it is not an eye catching story. Sometimes you just have to lighten up from the political stuff and take a breather. It is hard to believe that Sarah could stay incognito for so long in a city like Houston. I bet a lot of TV reporters knew her but did not report it because their wives may want to know what in the hell were they doing at the strip club. Anyway I do not see why the Houston Chronicle laid her off. They would have actually increased their circulation for folks just wanting to read the stories point of view from an intellectual stripper. Sarah Tressler, the Houston Chronicle society reporter who gained national, if not worldwide, fame for also being a stripper, made her first public statements this morning. Good Morning America flew her to New York and she spoke about her experience. Two things we did not know that we learned in the intro: 1) Houston is "a city famous for big oil, big spenders and genteel Southern … [Read more...]

House Republican Vote For Romney – Ryan Republican Budget Ending Medicare As We Know It


All in one day on Capitol Hill, House Republicans voted for the Romney-Ryan-Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it and Senate Republicans voted to protect $24 billion in tax giveaways for Big Oil. Here they go again: taking away Medicare to give more taxpayer money to Big Oil. After a lifetime paying into Medicare, our seniors deserve the peace of mind to know they can count on the health care they're owed. Washington Republicans don't get it. Instead of strengthening Medicare, they keep trying to take it away. Instead of getting rid of taxpayer handouts to Big Oil, they want more of them. Nothing's new: yet again Congressional Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it to pay for more tax handouts for their Big Oil campaign donors.Americans want their leaders to preserve Medicare for their retirement and for future generations -- not give handouts to millionaires and oil companies. When you're standing at the gas pump, remember: Republicans refuse to ask oil company CEOs to give up their … [Read more...]

Harris County rejecting fewer voters, but Dems want proof – Houston Chronicle


  Harris County rejecting fewer voters, but Dems want proof By Lise Olsen Updated 09:01 p.m., Thursday, March 29, 2012 Harris County officials have rejected far fewer would-be voters since 2008, but Democrats are demanding more proof that voter rolls are not being illegally suppressed - particularly among Hispanics - as another U.S. presidential election approaches. The two sides will meet in secret mediation Friday as Democratic officials seek assurances the county is following the terms of a 2009 settlement reached after the party challenged Harris County voter reviews in a federal lawsuit. The county's voter registrations have remained fairly flat at about 1.9 million since 2008, failing to keep pace with a boom in the eligible voting population. "Harris County continues to fall behind other large cities. Harris County rejects far too many applications and removes far too many eligible voters from the rolls," Chad Dunn, an attorney for the Democrats, told the Houston … [Read more...]

Absent Obamacare, What Americans Stand to Lose


What Americans Stand to Lose If Obamacare gets taken away, American families will pay the price. Health care should be about ensuring all parents can take their kids to the doctor when they get sick, not scoring political points. Republicans want the courts to strike down Obamacare because it would cost the President politically, but it would cost the rest of us much more. Without Obamacare, we’d have more bankruptcy for families struggling with serious illnesses, higher costs for small businesses, and children with pre-existing conditions denied coverage. There's nothing unconstitutional about Obamacare. It simply has a free-rider fee for people who don't buy their own health insurance and instead pass the cost to the rest of us. The idea of making everyone take responsibility for their own care started as a Republican idea. Their views have changed. Fortunately, the Constitution has not. QUOTE TO REMEMBER The Solicitor General under President Reagan, explaining why conservatives are now opposing the … [Read more...]

Quoted at This Just In CNN.com Blogs – Supreme Court mulls health care law


I have been watching tweets and getting emails on my thoughts on whether the Affordable Care Act will be struck down. After reading excerpts of the transcripts I thought it would be upheld 6/3 as it seemed that Kennedy and Roberts were looking for a reason to back it. After listening to Toobin on CNN today but not yet reading transcripts many seem to believe at least the mandate is dead. These are life and death decisions. That said, if the law falls it is incumbent on the citizens to elect a Congress that will support a single payer system (Medicare for all) which puts all Americans in one risk pool. That will ultimately bring down the cost for most in the middle class as opposed to the corruption of the pool of people insurance companies use today that continuously discard the sick. Overheard on CNN.com: Readers go back and forth as Supreme Court mulls health care law Editor's note: This post is part of the Overheard on CNN.com series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and … [Read more...]