Mitt Romney = Working families paying more so millionaires can pay less

Clear Contrast

As Mitt Romney plods on toward the GOP nomination, President Obama set forth his vision for America in a key speech yesterday — adding that he couldn’t “remember a time when the choice between competing visions of our future has been so unambiguously clear.” Let’s make that contrast clear.

Working families paying more so millionaires can pay less is not the America we want.

In America, we still believe that working hard and playing by the rules should get you a fair shot. Mitt Romney and Washington Republicans actually want middle-class Americans to bear more of the burden so oil company CEOs and their hedge fund managers can pay less.

Their plans are all the same: they’d end Medicare as we know it to pay for new tax giveaways for their millionaires, Big Oil, and the rest of the 1% funding their campaigns. We tried tax handouts to the richest few and they never trickle down to the rest of us. We tried giant tax breaks for big corporations and they shipped our jobs overseas.

President Obama says we’re all better off when “everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. It’s simple. Our economy works best when we value working families and everyone contributes their fair share. Politicians who don’t get it have no business leading America.


ROMNEY ON RYAN: The Ryan budget plan is “bold and exciting” — it’s “very similar to the one that I put out.”


In the last six years, Republicans got 7 out of 10 Congressional campaign dollars spent by corporations that benefit the most from tax loopholes passed by those politicians.

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