March 6, 2015

Immorality of Health Insurance

imageI submitted the article below to the Kingwood Observer about two weeks ago. There is a new editor so I was concerned that the article would not be printed.Moreover my last few articles received a lot of push back from the readers and I was concerned that said push back would be used to suppress articles that are generally in contrast to the changing majority opinion in this area.

Suffice it to say that when I opened the paper this morning I was shocked to see my article. I strongly believe that newspapers should foment dialogue and promote truth. Newspapers should not be used as propaganda rags by activists or politicians. They should be used to provide verifiable information and opinions derived from said information so that readers have the best information from which to decide on issues that have material impact on them.

I applaud the new editor at the Kingwood Observer, David Taylor for allowing information on all sides to be presented. If all editors of newspapers  across the nation resist cooption, I am sure America would be better informed.

PDF of Article

Kingwood Observer (Immorality Of Health Insurance)

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  1. […] The healthcare system is a classic case of the privatization of profits and the socialization of expenses and losses. Private insurance is used to skim profits from premiums. Private insurance has even infected Medicare, the most efficient single payer system in America so far, with Medicare Advantage which is no more effective than regular Medicare, but costs 20% more (the profit skim). The immorality of this system was touched on in the op-ed “Immorality of Health Insurance”. […]

  2. […] The purveyors of misinformation have cost this country billions if not trillions of dollars. This is a direct transfer of wealth from the middle class to the owners of private insurance companies for paying a medical bill. It is the immorality of health insurance. […]

  3. […] For the record, I support this bill only because it was the best attainable compromise in a political system owned and paid for by a corporatocracy. It is a mathematical fact that only a single payer system (Medicare for all) can attain maximal efficiencies. I discussed this at some length in the article “Immorality Of Health Insurance”. […]