Kingwood Texas Shocks Again–First Place On Houston Area List of Women Who Cheat

imageHow could my sweet conservative town top this list? Well, GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, I guess.

This post is out of context with my blog but as you know, sex sells and when one of my wife’s friends told her about the site “” I simply had to look it up.

One of my Starbucks friends have been telling me this story for several years now. I find it interesting that it actually got printed. We tend to keep all our less than “Conservative”, “Christian”, or “benevolent” behaviors hidden from the rest of the area. You know, we try to live up to the Kingwood mystique. Check out the Houston Chronicle story below. It is quite interesting. 

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It’s time for the season of cheating – Houston Chronicle

It’s sultry and sweaty here in Houston but not only because of the weather.

Plenty of Houstonians are hot and bothered about sex on the side – in some places more than others., an online website that endorses "married-dating," has compiled a list of Houston’s "Top 10 Neighborhoods for Cheaters."

Of the website’s 14 million members in 25 countries, more than 9 million are in the land of the free. Perhaps most interesting to Houston-area residents, more than 93,000 of the site’s members live right here, said founder Noel Biderman. (That may sound like a lot of people – and it is – but remember, in a city of more than 5 million people, that’s just under 2 percent of the population.)

Compared to other cities around the country, Houston doesn’t even crack the top 10. Washington, D.C., has the most residents who are members of the website. San Antonio is a surprising No. 2, and Dallas comes in at No. 9 nationwide, according to information the site published earlier this year.

But now it’s summer, and peak cheating time has arrived.

"It’s easier to camouflage lover’s trysts, with all the travel and vacationing and long weekends and whatnot," said Ruth Houston, a New Yorker and the author of "Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs."

"A lot of people who wouldn’t think of cheating at other times of the year look at a summer fling as a recreational sport. It has a built-in expiration date. When summer’s over, so is the fling."

Or not, which isn’t necessarily a naughty thing, according to Biderman, who believes a discreet dalliance can be relationship rehab.

"By allowing people to have affairs without interrupting their lives," he said, "we help people stay in their marriages."

Yeah, right.

Here are the "busiest" parts of Houston, based on per capita membership in

1 Kingwood: The dishonorable honor of being No. 1 on the list goes to the cougars of Kingwood, where the highest percentage of female adulterers also report having the most encounters.

While some 68 percent of Houston-area residents using the site are men and 32 percent are women, up in Kingwood, 39 percent of members are women. Biderman said that overall, Houston has a high rate of married women interested in single men.

2 River Oaks: Making waves at No. 2 is rich River Oaks. "There’s a connection between affluence and infidelity," Biderman said, "because affairs can be costly."

3 Downtown Houston: The city’s heart has the highest number of single women looking to hook up with married men. [MORE]

It’s time for the season of cheating – Houston Chronicle