July 23, 2014

Republican Admits In Closed Meeting Voter ID Laws Intended To Give Pennsylvania To Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

imageRepublican State Representative Mike Turzai Of Pennsylvania admits that the voter ID laws were several of the required steps necessary to make Mitt Romney win Pennsylvania. This is something all Democrats knew even as Republicans kept denying it.

The reality is that there is not voter fraud of any consequence in America. The only potential fraud is in the machines that tally the votes with absolutely no traceability. Ironically the manufacturers of these machines have generally had an affinity for the Republican Party. Maybe we should consider having VOTER MACHINE ID to ensure they are tallying the votes correctly and that they are not fraudulently giving elections to Republicans.

Giving that a vote for Republicans in these times are generally a vote against the middle class, and given that we must assume that the middle class will not disproportionately vote against its own interest, maybe that is where fraud is to be found.

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  1. What did he actually say? Unless you provide that, there is nothing to substantiate this, and it will be rightly considered hearsay.

  2. John polter says:

    So do not watch foxnews because they use “damaging mind altering misinformation… But do watch msnbc because they are above using misinformation? Please explain.

    • Please explain your low IQ.

      Why don’t you simpletons stay on subject? the discussion here is about the voter ID bills and how they’re nothing but fraudulent, petty, and disenfranchisement. this issue has nothing to do with misinformation said by media networks.

  3. Johnpolterisafuckingidiot says:

    because socialism, so vote republican…if you haven’t been purged from the rolls yet, that is.


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