Message from Lane Lewis, Harris County Democratic Party Chair – Independence Day


2012-07-04_10-03-23_1585 July 2012

Message from the Chair:

Independence Day parades commenced with the traditional cheering, flag-waving and spectacular smiles of revelers of all ages. Kingwood’s Fourth of July Parade was no exception. In an area that leans Republican, it was wonderful to be with the Kingwood Area Democrats as they were cheered and applauded. To my joy, many people mouthed silently, “I am a Democrat too,” as we passed. Our presence today, inspires them to shout it loud tomorrow.

2012-07-04_10-58-59_637Though an occasional “boo” could be heard from a partisan onlooker, it was drowned out by the friendliness of the marchers and crowd alike. When someone said something even mildly rude, a Kingwood Democrat returned a hearty, “Happy Fourth of July neighbor!” clearly catching them off guard.

Serving as the centerpiece of our float, children and parents proudly displayed “Cody Pogue for State Representative for District 127” signs. Our intent was to instill hope, optimism and relief for Democrats and progressives in the area. Our message: Democrats are much more than a political party; we are quintessential members of the community.

Special thanks to Zoe – entering the 3rd grade this fall – for riding alongside me in the now famous “Obama Mobile” on loan to us from our good friends at Clear Lake Fiat.

Fiat: Italian Brand, American manufactured, Thanks President Obama

Lane Lewis
County Chair
Harris County Democratic Party

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