House Republicans Repealed Obamacare But Protected Their Government Health Insurance

imageI want my congressperson to have a good insurance plan. I do not want my congressperson worried about his/her health or the health of his/her family. If my congressperson does not have to worry about his/her healthcare, he/she should be clear of mind to create policies that are beneficial to the middle class.

I want every American to have access to affordable health care insurance. I do not want any American worried about their health or their families’ health. If Americans do not have to worry about their healthcare, they should be clear of mind to be productive, innovative, and liberated from any strings pulling them out of the middle class.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) forces congresspersons to get their taxpayer provided health insurance policies from Obamacare exchanges. Republicans in congress hate Obamacare which instituted health insurance exchanges similar to what every congressperson has. Inasmuch as Obamacare is based on both the successful Massachusetts healthcare law signed by Governor Mitt Romney and designed based on the Conservative Heritage Foundation tenets, Republicans voted to repeal it for the 33rd time.

Unless Americans decide to vote in Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate, Obamacare is fairly safe. As more Americans get Obamacare in 2014, they will see the truth as opposed to the lies and misinformation that moneyed interest and the Right Wing Republicans are pushing to mislead middle class Americans into voting against their own interest.

What is ironic is even as they have voted to deny millions of Americans access to healthcare they voted themselves lifetime taxpayer-funded government health care. One must wonder why this isn’t one of the biggest stories in the mainstream media.

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Democrats Mock GOP For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote

WASHINGTON — Democrats are mocking Republicans in the House of Representatives for voting to repeal the health care reform law and keep their own enhanced medical care.

When Congress passed the health care law, it required members of Congress to get their insurance on exchanges with the rest of the public. But in voting to repeal that law, Republicans and a handful of Democrats were also voting to go back to the old system where the lawmakers get a sweeter deal than most of the rest of the country.

They also voted against a Democratic motion that said members of Congress who support repealing the health care law must also repeal the good stuff they get, such as lifetime care and insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Democrats tried to demonstrate how Republicans distanced themselves from voting to protect their own deal by capturing a slew of GOP members on video saying they didn’t vote to protect their own care, as seen below. The clip features a number of Republicans in tight races this year, as well as GOP budget guru, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“House Republicans refuse to admit they voted to give themselves taxpayer funded lifetime guaranteed health care instead of having the same health care as their constituents,” said Jesse Ferguson, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, referring to the fact that members of Congress are eligible for retirement benefits after just five years.