Are Mitt Romney’s Taxes or His Tenure at Bain Capital Really Relevant? Unequivocally Yes

imageYesterday as I was going through my daily scan of blogs and vlogs I frequent, I came across my good friend Omekongo’s CNN iReport where he stated that the Obama administration and others were making a big mistake by highlighting Romney’s tenure at Bain with the tone they are using. I responded with my own CNN iReport because while in an ideal world I would agree with him, Americans have a short attention span and one must use that small window to get ones point across. Going forward we should change our level of discourse to be more civil. However to get to that place requires we need to first get the attention of those we want to get there.

Mitt Romney’s tax returns and his actions as CEO of Bain Capital must be explored. It is evident Mitt Romney believes in a form of morally and ethically deprived laissez faire capitalism that he is attempting to misrepresent to middle class America.

When the attack on Mitt Romney by both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry accusing him of being a vulture capitalist was launched, it was effective in bringing his poll numbers down because America saw the reality and results of how he acquired his wealth. America saw him as a wealth transfer agent for the wealthy and a middle class pilferer. It was so effective that the powers of the Republican Party immediately told Newt and Rick in no uncertain terms that this was Capitalism that the Republican Party stood for and they ceased their attack.

It is important that not only the administration but the mainstream media open his entire business dealings to show Americans that if elected president with a backdrop of ALEC paid politicians, Mitt Romney could change the fabric of this country and complete our path to a full blown plutocracy, thus ending all that was accomplished to bring most Americans into the middle class since FDR. Exposing his past will give America the opportunity to make its choice of the type of economy we really want.

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Mitt Romney Dismisses Tax Return Disclosure Calls From Republicans(VIDEO)

Mitt Romney dismissed calls from within his own party Tuesday to release additional years of tax returns, arguing that some of his fellow Republicans don’t quite get the destructive capacity of Democratic opposition researchers.


"Oh, I think people in my party just say, ‘Look, this is a non-issue, just release the returns and it will all go away.’ My experience is that the Democratic Party these days has approached taxes in a very different way than in the past," Romney told WPXI, an NBC Affiliate in Pittsburgh. "Their opposition people look for anything they can find to distort, to twist, and to try and make negative, and I want to make this a campaign about the economy and creating jobs. And they want to make this campaign about attacking people and diverting attention from our job picture in this country."

The comment came in a taped interview, meaning that it was delivered before Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined the expanding chorus of Republicans urging Romney to release more returns and get the issue behind him.

The idea that Republicans don’t appreciate how vicious Democrats will be with Romney’s tax returns is an overstatement. Politicians are aware of the concept of opposition research. Romney’s own oppo-research squad made quick work of Perry in the Republican primary.

The statement also appears to be an implicit acknowledgement that there is material in Romney’s tax returns that is so complicated and exotic that it could be distorted, fairly or not.