Business Man In Romney’s Attack Ad Actually Agreed 100% With Obama On Fox News

imageWhen campaigns are based on lies and misinformation one never knows when truth will raise its angelic head. Mitt Romney, a use to be moderate Republican not too dissimilar from President Obama in his values (less his propensity for vulture capitalism of course) had to remake himself by flipping and flopping many times over.

He reconfigured President Obama’s excellent speech about the government and others being instrumental in any entrepreneur’s success. After-all, it is government , we the people, that built the roads, airports, water plants, Internet, and other infrastructure businesses are dependent on. Taxpayers, we the people via teachers and other professions provided the knowledge that allowed the entrepreneur to innovate.

The snippet below shows with speedy efficacy, President Obama’s team rebutting Mitt Romney’s attack ad with a fact based narrative provided by Romney himself. Romney rebutted Romney.

What is most interesting is that the business man in the commercial, Jack Gilchrist ultimately agreed with the President. Neil Cavuto interviewed Jack Gilchrist on Fox. Jack agreed that his teacher was instrumental in his life. He agreed that government building of interstate highway and Internet was instrumental as well. See the video below.

Creating an alternate state of reality that remains consistent is difficult. The Right Wing has been able to do it for north of 30 years. Let us hope that truth becomes the disinfectant this election cycle. For this we need an engaged electorate.

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