March 29, 2015

Time to move forward with Obamacare by Egberto Willies –Kingwood Observer

The following is my latest article to the Kingwood Observer. I want to thank the editors for running it as I know sometimes they take a lot of flak from a concerted and organized group whose sole intent is to keep the community uninformed for ideological reasons.

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Kingwood Observer(Egberto Willies) 2012-08-01aKingwood Observer(Egberto Willies) 2012-08-01b

PDF of ArticleKingwood Observer(Egberto Willies) 2012-08-01c




About Egberto Willies

Egberto Willies is a radio show host, author, blogger, political activist, DailyKOS Contributing Editor, a Director of Coffee Party USA, Executive Committee member of Move to Amend, 2nd Annual CNN iReport Spirit Award Honoree, HuffPost Live Contributor, self-employed software developer, & web designer. Egberto wrote the book ‘As I See It:Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom’ based on his belief that the mainstream media is derelict in its duty to relate what really ails the middle class and the complicity of the Right Wing in its demise. Bio: http://egbertowillies.com/bio/ Linked In: http://linkd.in/TOiHUS. Google


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