Attention Middle Class & Poor: Mitt Romney Is The Real Welfare Recipient

Mitt_Romney_Welfare_RecipientsThis week was all about welfare. Mitt Romney chided the President for giving states flexibility (a generally supported Republican states’ rights issue) on how they administer the program in their state. He lied about it removing work requirements. There were lots of subliminal messages in his ad and in his subsequent statements. Most viewers are smart enough to understand what they were. I won’t address it further in this post as it does not add to the message you must get.

While most Americans are working for low wages and have been working for low wages throughout their lives, Mitt Romney has been running for President. In other words, he has been an unemployed wealthy man for several years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard to earn and amass substantial wealth and income so you can do whatever your heart wants you to do at a later date.

The problem is Mitt Romney did not earn his wealth or income. He acquired it legally but most of it was not earned. There is an aberration in our economic system that has allowed a select group to receive large incomes and wealth while producing absolutely nothing of societal value.

Bill Gate is a very wealthy man. He created several products that have increased the efficiency of our economies orders of magnitude over. In the process he used our free enterprise system to also enrich all those participants in developing great products used around the world. Bill Gates would be the first to admit that he did not do it alone and that both luck and very hard work played an important part in his success.

imageI’ve created over 20 software products that are used in many industries. I purchased from many different companies to support and market these products. My neighbor owns a Chinese restaurant. He works their 12 hours a day and has several employees. He buys supplies, pays salaries, and feeds many of our neighbors. My garbage man comes every Wednesday and Saturday to remove all the junk and trash I accumulate throughout the week even as he is making minimum wage, hardly a living wage.

My sister is a doctor that teaches residents and interns. She volunteers and provides free medical services several times a month. Many of my friends are teachers who ensure that knowledge moves to the next generation. I know you know someone who has worked all his life that this depression has brought to his knees. He is now on welfare. He is over 50. He will likely never get a meaningful job again because of his age and the time it will take to get out of this “titans of finance” created depression. He had good savings but between the stock market crash and his withdrawals, he lost it all.

I mention the above for a reason. I’ve mentioned people and professions of value from the wealthy to the middle class to the poor. None of these folks envy anyone. Most people want a job not welfare. While there are those who lack pride and will simply take and take, that does not represent the vast majority of Americans.

There is a class however that believes it is inherently entitled. They believe they are entitled to wealth. They believe that they are entitled to power. They believe they are the ones that should be the arbiters of success or failure. Mitt Romney is the poster boy for that class. These are the ones that believe government has no right regulating what they do. Yet they have proven with their actions that they are not the smart ones they have faked for decades and needed the capital of government “we the people” to bail them out.

Their disdain in actions and deeds towards the middle class and especially the poor is simply astounding. Their pouring of dollars into the mainstream media to put out plausible lies and misinformation is their last stance. You see, they fear that America is about to wake up. They need the poster boy of our Plutocracy in the White House to ensure that their pilferage is not recouped through fair taxation.

As I See It(Check It Out)I wrote a book called “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”. I got a lot of flak for the name but I believe it was imperative to use a name that would wake up the middle class even as I described our economic system, how we got here, and what I believe we must do to get out.

What Americans must first get into their psyche is that this class, the titans of finance, and its poster boy Mitt Romney is no solution to our problems. They are the problem. Our budget deficit is huge because they take most of the benefits America has offered and have returned proportionally little. They have manipulated capitalism by creating large wealth from capital even as they have produced nothing of societal value. What has Mitt Romney built? What has Mitt Romney created? Nothing!

He has extracted wealth from companies others have built. In that process he has found every loophole not to pay taxes on said gains. The large military we have protects his asset implicitly around the world. The taxes we pay and the deficits we endure have educated the professionals of the businesses he pilfered, have built the roads, airports, bridges, and ports used to transport their goods, and invested in medicine, communications and other research that provided much benefit.

If we really get an understanding of how our economy really works, it becomes immediately evident that the middle class and poor purchase and use most of the services of businesses in this country. They are the job creators. The business owners that create products and employment are partners. The titans of finance represented by Mitt Romney are the largest recipients of welfare as they take orders of magnitude more than they put in and produce no product or service of real societal value.

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