Two Visions For America – Opportunity for Equal Access or Access to Privatized Pilfering Of Middle Class

Two Visions For AmericaThe stage is set. It is Obama/Biden versus Romney/Ryan. I could easily begin this post with attacks on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I have tons of opposition research on every single one of these candidates. The reality is that none of this matters now. Every commercial you hear now on both sides is irrelevant to those who are simply willing to read two documents. President Obama’s “Blueprint For An America Built To Last” and Paul Ryan’s Path To Prosperity A Blueprint For American Renewal , while very political documents, they define the framework of the solutions these four candidates want to impose on our country with our consent via the vote.

I must warn that when reading the documents it is imperative that you disregard most of the context and narrative that is given prior to the policy they want to implement. President Obama’s blueprint is much shorter than Congressman Paul Ryan’s mostly because Ryan’s document includes many attacks on the President’s policies.

Interesting enough one tend to put the most important topics in the front of documents of this type. Ryan’s document places the military first. The well-being of American citizens is addressed must later.

The contrast between the two documents is best explained with the title of this post. These are two visions for America.

The President’s vision provides opportunity for equal access to success. It is job centric and people centric. It removes incentives to businesses that promote outsourcing. It supports investing in people, energy, and infrastructure. It provides vast education incentives. It provides special job programs for our veterans. It expects more out of those to whom our country has provided the most benefit with fair progressive taxation.

The Romney/Ryan document is an attack on government in the attempt to justify the privatization of most governmental services. In fact if one reads around the rhetoric and attacks on “we the people”, it is immediately understood that the document is a pathway, a roadmap to the complete privatization of our government.

Making Medicare a voucher is a transfer of our tax dollars to shareholders and executives of insurance companies for the sake of paying a bill (no innovation required). The purchase of public land is the pilfering of the middle class as these purchased lands hold many centuries worth of minerals yet undiscovered that would be owned by a wealthy few. Placing student loans back in the private sector is a tax on the middle class and a disincentive for many to further their education. Removing regulations on energy and other industries are tantamount to guaranteed death by corporations. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is tantamount to a death sentence to many with pre-existing conditions, further budget deficits, and simply inhumanity.

I could go on and on but I think it is important that you read the two documents objectively and devoid of the steering narrative. One cannot help but see to distinct value sets. One values all while the other values selectively.

Be an informed citizen. An informed citizen votes in their own interest, the interest of their families, and the interest of the country. Remember, we get the government we elect. We get the government we deserve.

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