Republican Senatorial Candidate Todd Akins: Woman’s Body Protects Against Legitimate Rape

Todd Akin Legitimate RapeLet me be clear, I do not subscribe to the belief that the Republican Party has always been inherently anti woman. What I will state categorically is that those that have taken over the Republican Party are anti-woman and they are in fact waging a war on women.

Why would they do this? After-all aren’t half of their constituents women? The reasons are clear. This new Republican Party is now controlled by a patriarchal evangelical Right Wing and a chauvinist business class that inherently want certain people to remain “in their place”.

For the evangelicals, their modus operandi is no different than the Taliban with class and sophistication. For the chauvinist business class it is about those that belong in those “exclusive clubs” and not having government tell them that their board room and leadership must reflect America.

When Missouri Republican Senatorial Candidate Todd Akins says that a woman’s body protects itself from legitimate rape he is stating a position that most in the Evangelical Right Wing are comfortable with. Why can I state that? The policy of not supporting abortions even for rape or incest could not muster support of many if that belief system were absent.

While Virginia has been getting all the press about the Republican written law that requires that women have an ultrasound before an abortion, the country was left ignorant to the most obscene of these laws. The Republican Texas legislature also passed the sonogram law that demeans women.

There are myriads of these types of comments scattered throughout the Internet on the Right Wing Republican ideology. Zerlina Maxwell wrote a short piece this morning that takes this type of thinking right up to the vice presidential and presidential candidates Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.

As I stated ad nauseum, your vote matters. You must educate yourself and educate your circle of influence. But most importantly you must cast an educated vote.

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