August 27, 2014

Did Mitt Romney Get A Bad Spray Tan To Appeal To Latino Voters? Sure Looks That Way.

imageIf it is the case that Mitt Romney got a sprayed on tan to attend the Univision town hall then his staff has screwed up yet again. Does he really believe that Latinos are so simple minded into having his hue determine their likelihood to vote for him as opposed to them voting based on policy?

This is simply sad. Does he not understand that Latino is not a hue. I mean I am pretty black but just as much a Latino as a Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, or Costa Rican. Now what would have been funny is if he tried my hue (a bit more pronounced ehSmile). It is difficult to see a man this shallow compete with a man with the depth of intellect as President Barack Obama. Even the clip that they are touting about President Obama embracing redistribution show a level of intellect when viewed in its entirety Mitt Romney could only dream of.

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SERIOUSLY? Did Mitt Romney Get A Bad Spray Tan To Appeal To Latino Voters?

Sep 20 2012

Mitt Romney went on Univision. He then called undocumented immigrants "illegal aliens" as though they were an invading horde determined to destroy America. And then… well, we’d like to preface this by saying we would really like to actually cover important issues, but then Mitt keeps doing interesting things like, I dunno, intentionally darkening his skin to grub for Latino votes. Free campaign advice, Mitt. DON’T DO THAT. Also, don’t call HUMAN BEINGS "illegal aliens."

Skeptical about this one? Believe me, so were we. Skip to the bottom for why we’re not so sure this can be solely chalked up to a case of "bad makeup."


SERIOUSLY? Did Mitt Romney Get A Bad Spray Tan To Appeal To Latino Voters?



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