Kingwood Area Democrats Busy September–Working Together We Will Turn Texas Blue

JOIN KADI was just looking through my blog posts and realized that The Kingwood Area Democrats are a busy bunch. Here is a mostly complete list of writings and events we’ve performed so far in September. I cannot help but tell us all that we must be proud of this month’s accomplishments.

That said October is upon us. This is the final stretch. Let us focus on helping all of our candidates move forward and win. Let us work to encourage our friends and neighbors of all political persuasions to support progressive policies, vote in their interest, and vote DEMOCRATIC!

I want to encourage everyone reading this to do your part.It does not take much. The wonderful folks below have all done their part and will continue to do so. Let us all get engaged and bring the ball home.

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Charlotte-Coffelt.jpg Charlotte Coffelt Kingwood Observer Letter To The Editor on Anti-Abortion Beliefs
KarenMenke Karen Menke’s Kingwood Observer Letter To The Editor–Restoring Funding For Quality Schools

image.png Valerie Dunn’s Letter To The Editor To The Kingwood Observer–Women’s Rights (2012-09-19)
MarcCroes Cuts in family planning caused increased abortions by Marc Croes Kingwood Observer (2012-09-26)
image Fiesta Honoring Texas US Congress 2nd District Candidate Jim Dougherty A Resounding Success
image Harris Country Democratic Party Johnson Rayburn Richards Dinner