Soledad O’Brien Continues Her Clinic On Real Journalism By Not Allowing Giuliani To Spin

imageOver the last several years journalists from the mainstream media have cowered to Republican politicians in the attempt to avoid the made up charge of the media being Liberal. Of course any thinking person know the media is far from Liberal in general and that the one station that purports to be Liberal will likely have to modulate if they start to get traction given their corporate ownership.

It has been a breath of fresh air to watch Soledad O’Brien push back on the spin, lies, and misinformation that is the modus operandi of the current Republican Party and its spokespeople. Soledad has been doing this for some time now as she did with Sonunu here. If Soledad is able to keep this up without having to succumb to the wrath of the Plutocracy in the near term, just maybe the sensible Republicans in waiting can find an opening to retake their party.

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