The Middle Class Struggle: Waitress in Denver, CO Walmart devastated our main street industries

Move To Amend was in Denver Colorado for one of its regional convergences where citizens are trained to become peaceful activist to form affiliates with  a goal to  amend the constitution to codify that money is not speech and that a corporation is not a person. At lunch we met a waitress, Heather, who volunteered her story after listening to us at lunch. She illustrates the core middle class struggle.

As big corporations following the Walmart model come into towns all around the United States and because of inherent advantages they receive given our corrupted body politic, money in politics, and the ability of corporations to be considered persons small main street business throughout the country are failing. Had these corporations been paying wages that enhanced the middle class the trade off of cheaper goods would be worthwhile. Instead they act as wealth extractors from these communities as small businesses fail as the shareholders of these corporations profit from the lack of competition.

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