(VIDEO) Jon Stewart–Schools Bill O’Reilly over ‘Traditional America’

imageIs it time for us to simply forget about our mainstream media and get our news and analysis from the great satirists and comedians we are surrounded with. I am starting to believe it would be better for America.

Bill O’Reilly and Mitt Romney have been spinning Romney’s loss as the death of “Traditional America”. Firstly, this is dangerous because we are a nation whose population is well armed. If some of those well armed start to buy into this narrative they may just start acting out by trying to recover a “Traditional America” that only existed in the minds of some.

Jon Stewart provided some schooling to O’Reilly. After-all, O’Reilly’s folks as Irish were then the non “Traditional Americans” that would cause our demise. One would think that the media instead of hyping demographic shifts as some new event would instead relate it as what America has always been. After-all the biggest demographic shift here occurred with the methodical slaughtering and displacement of the native people. All other demographic shifts have been relatively peaceful.

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