Guested on HuffPost Live Discussing Grover Norquist’s Anti-Tax Pledge

imageThe HuffPost Live community sounds off with Abby Huntsman, vice presidential candidate Jon Huntsman’s daughter, as she discusses the GOP lawmakers who have spurned Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge and how that will impact the fiscal cliff talks.


Originally aired on November 20, 2012

Hosted by:


  • Jen Bendery (Washington D.C.) HuffPost Politics Reporter @jbendery
  • Egberto Willies (Kingwood, TX) Author and Political Blogger @EgbertoWillies
  • Jessica Corsi (Cambridge, United Kingdom) International Human Rights Lawyer
  • Jon Sinton (Atlanta, GA) Co-founder of @jonsinton
  • Neil Sinclair (Lichfield, United Kingdom) Author of "Commando Dad", a basic training guide for new fathers. Father of three kids, two boys and one girl. @commandodad

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