Guested on HuffPost Live Discussing Krugman’s Take On GOP Tax Hike & Susan Rice Maltreatment

imageToday’s HuffPost Live discussed four issues. Three were serious and one was off the cuff. We talked about the GOP Tax increase on the semi rich in order to protect further increases on the mega rich. He discussed it in the the article Paul Krugman: Republicans Seem Ready To Throw Upper Middle Class ‘Overboard’.

The second topic was about the abuse that UN Ambassador Susan Rice is taking from Lindsay Graham and John McCain. It was discussed in the article GOP Senators: Susan Rice Meeting Left Us ‘More Disturbed’ Than Before. Ashley Payne had some excellent points in defense of Susan Rice competence.

The next topic was confidential shredded information that was found at the New York Thanks giving parade. Mitt Romney’s information and other personal information was found in the scraps. It was discussed in the article Police probe how Romney security data became NYC parade confetti.

The fourth story we discussed was Ben Savage Joins ‘Girl Meets World’ Alongside Danielle Fishel.

Hosted by:

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin