Understand The Fiscal Cliff. Democrats Must Stick to 8 Principles From Robert Reich

imageVoters gave Democrats a resounding victory both through the Electoral College and via the popular vote. It is important that no one succumbs to the Republican and Faux New false narrative that this was a status quo election.

Let me be clear. President Obama won the Electoral College by 126 electoral votes. He will win the popular vote by more than 5 million votes (they are still counting and his lead continues to grow). Voters voted in more Democrats in the House and the Senate. Inasmuch as Republicans maintained control of the House, Democrats won more popular votes in the House. If it was not for the obscene gerrymandering of the states controlled by GOP governors, the House would have flipped as well.

Make no mistake; this election was a Republican slaughter. The current ideas of the Republican Party were rejected resoundingly. It would be a violation of the will of the people to succumb to John Boehner’s and the Republicans’ offer to cut entitlements drastically, and to keep the lowest tax rate in decades for the wealthy. Their policies have pilfered the middle class and put the nation’s economy in shambles.

One cannot do the same thing and expect different results. As the saying goes, that is insanity.

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