Jon Stewart: ‘Right To Work’ Really ‘Right To Work Around Unions’ Then He Raps:) (VIDEO)

imageIt is all in the name. Who would not want to live in a Right to Work state. If a state is not Right To Work, then what is it? Is it a ‘You Do Not Have The Right To Work’ state?

The biggest problem is that the Left has allowed the Right to win the façade argument. The Clear Skies Act is an environmentally sound name that reduces air pollution controls of the Clean Air Act. The Death Tax is a necessary tax on unearned inheritance that prevents the hoarding of capital that would eventually cause exponential accumulation of wealth by a few. Now we are calling a law that will allow folks to get the benefits from unions without having to pay union fees a ‘Right To Work’ law.

Jon Stewart as usual gets it right. ‘Right To Work’ in the grand scheme of things really means the ‘Right To Work Around The Unions’. For those who think they are supporting worker friendly legislation, they should check the wages and quality of jobs in the Right To Work states.

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