Jon Stewart: Two Major Disasters Hit US, Hurricane Sanders & The Republican House


Jon Stewart continues  to get great material from the bad acts of the Republican House. He starts his funny monologue with the following.

Jon Stewart:

As you may recall a couple months ago America was hit by two major disasters; one of them natural, Hurricane Sandy and one of them somewhat manmade, the Republican majority in the House of Representative. The second of those disasters pretty much makes it impossible to cleanup the first one.

Stewart then goes on to prove the disingenuousness of their unprincipled ideology with many reality based snippets. One of the funny snippet showed that Republican Representative Steve Palazzo voted “no” on the Hurricane  Sandy relief even though just last year he was still begging for taxpayer funds for Hurricane Katrina that occurred over 7 years ago.

This is another classic. How can anyone take these people seriously? How?

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