Occupy Kingwood’s First Organizational Move To Amend Meeting Sat. Jan. 12th 10:00 AM

Occupy Kingwood had a great run.We were successful in both showing that we can organize  at the grassroots and at the same time give productive information to all those willing to engage. Fulfilling our  52 consecutive weeks pledge whether, hot or cold, rain or shine, was an humongous  if not incredulous accomplishment; but we did it. We documented all 52 weeks. Get a cup of coffee and check them all out here.

If we are to have a meaningful impact on our body politic, something that we all intend to do, we must continue to come together and strategize. We must come together and help lead the change. In that light on Saturday January 12th at 10:00 AM we will be meeting at the Starbucks at 2515 Green Oak Drive in the front of Kingwood off Kingwood drive.

Please come and let’s move on to a new project to move forward. It is much more than just Move To Amend.


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