Rush Limbaugh’s Biggest Lie To Date Is A Violation Our Intellect (AUDIO)

It is easy to demonize Right Wing Republicans. The conspiracy theories that they come up with that otherwise intelligent people believe is astounding. This is not by accident at all. There is an organized and concerted effort to mislead Americans by the Right.

Generally most people have been programmed to believe their news outlet. At first, it used to be any outlet before cable came along with specialized news; then came the Right Wing conglomerates.

While sometimes evidence does not come by easily, one just needs to watch all Right Wing outlets that immediately start pushing the same story or conspiracy. Case in point was the birther movement, the Benghazi overblown story, death panels, etc. In a rational world these would not be stories.

The Right is excellent at misleading, intimating that other outlets are covering up for the President or those on the left and much more.

Rush Limbaugh,is the master of misinformation. In his February 13th “The Rush Limbaugh Show” he does not disappoint.

According to Limbaugh there is no one in the media holding President Obama accountable. He complains that Bush, Fox News, Limbaugh, or Boehner are the ones that take the blame. Later he goes on to assert that the recovery under President Obama is worse than Bush’s recession.

He complains about the scrutiny he gets when all the numbers indicate that his statements are false. In fact under president Obama discretionary spending as a percentage of GDP is down and more jobs have been created under President Obama’s first four years than under Bush’s 8 years. These facts are verifiable and make Limbaugh’s assessment about the President and his inference of the media wrong.

It isn’t the Right Wing Republican citizens one should be upset with. One should be upset with politicians that allow those that use our airwaves to lie with impunity. Free speech does not mean speech that infringe on our rights; the violation of the intellect of the body politic.

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