John McCain Attacked By His Hate Filled Misinformed Constituents At Town Hall Meeting (VIDEO)

Blowback is very dangerous. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Many in the Republican Party are starting to find that out. Sadly it is materially affecting the entire country. The country is in a state of policy paralysis because of the monster the Republican Party, Fox News, and the Right Wing echo chamber have created in their zeal to slow down at best, or prevent at worst the policies of President Obama’s administration.

In order to build enough popular opposition to stifle policies that the vast majority of Americans want, it was necessary to use misinformation, lies, and fear. The expectation was that it would have prevented passage of the Affordable Care Act. It did not. In a gerrymandered country it was enough to cede the House of Representative to the Republicans in 2010. This ultimately stifled the execution of necessary policies to move the economy into a more robust mode, because of Republican adherence to the provably failed supply side ideology, that states that the wealthy are job creators and taxing them will cost jobs.

The problem is when you lie to a constituency to get elected or to disrupt policies, they assume that the policies you will support are in line with the lies they believed. Henceforth, McCain’s town hall meeting is a visible result of his own and his Party’s creation. They are faced with a hate filled misinformed constituency that will be disappointed when both parties are forced to work together to move the country forward.

Senator McCain had his hands full.

McCain Constituent

Why did the army go down there and stop them. Because the only thing that stops them I am afraid to say, it’s too damn bad, but is a gun.

The hate in this constituent’s voice is palpable. That he wants to treat a mostly socio-economic problem with a gun is directly related to the lie he believes about border security. The border is now more secure than it has ever been. There is a net zero migration into America from the southern border.


McCain Constituent

Most of the people that come across the border are illiterate. They don’t speak English and they’re a dependent class. Cutoff their welfare and all their stuff and they’ll go back!

This misinformed constituent is of the belief that most undocumented workers are on welfare. The reality is that this is one of the biggest fallacies put out by the Right Wing echo chamber. The work ethic of the undocumented worked many times exceeds that of the American worker and many times employers turn a blind eye to find these workers. There would have been no housing boom without these workers. The lifestyle of the suburban families with lawn service and homecare would be much less appealing as they travelled into the inner cities to work during the day and flee by night.

McCain said America could not deport 11 million people. The crowd gave a sigh of disapproval and asked why. McCain responded that we are a Judeo Christian country. That did not seem to quiet this crowd who generally like to profess family values. Hypocrisy?

McCain Constituent

You said build the damn fence. Where is the fence? That’s not a fence.

This constituent must have been waiting for the electrified fences with trenches filled with alligators. McCain had to shut this particular constituent down by telling him he had enough.


McCain Constituent

You are saying its 11 million, it is more like 30 million.

This constituent was simply misinformed by the Right Wing echo chamber. What was amazing is that McCain told the constituent that what he was saying was not true and that he could not allow him to misinform the audience. Is that not what McCain, his Party, Fox News, and the Right Wing echo chamber have been doing during the President’s entire administration? It is going to be hard for them to reign in those they have riled up, lied to, and misinformed for so long.

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