April 1, 2015

Radio: Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies – Thurs 7:00 PM

imageThursday 7:00 PM Central

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We are very excited about what lays ahead for us in the coming year. We built up a lot of momentum last year to carry us forward, and we hope you will join us in maximizing our potential in 2013. Check out our Take Action Webinar held last week to learn more.

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Move to Amend Reports hosted by National Leadership Team members Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies, will air every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PT.

The show will feature guests who specialize in movement building, amending the Constitution, grassroots organizing, and issues relating to corporate rule and participatory democracy.

Each show provides opportunity for call-in questions and comments from the listening audience by dialing 646-652-2345 (long distance changes apply).

Today’s Show:
February 21: Jamie Henn

Jamie Henn is Co-founder and Communications Director of 350.org, an international grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. He is currently helping lead 350.org’s involvement in the Go Fossil Free fossil fuel divestment campaign that has spread to over 230 colleges and universities across the United States. Over the past three years, 350.org has organized over 15,000 climate demonstrations in more than 182 countries, helped lead the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline in the United States, and pioneered new ways to use online tools to coordinate offline action. Since co-founding 350.org in 2008, Jamie has helped grow the organization from a group of six college friends to nearly 1 million supporters around the world. A frequent commentator on climate change, grassroots organizing, and environmental communications, he is a contributor to the Huffington Post, The Progressive, Good, Grist and more, and has landed 350.org on the front page of newspapers, magazines, and websites worldwide.

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About Egberto Willies

Egberto Willies is a radio show host, author, blogger, political activist, DailyKOS Contributing Editor, a Director of Coffee Party USA, Executive Committee member of Move to Amend, 2nd Annual CNN iReport Spirit Award Honoree, HuffPost Live Contributor, self-employed software developer, & web designer. Egberto wrote the book ‘As I See It:Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom’ based on his belief that the mainstream media is derelict in its duty to relate what really ails the middle class and the complicity of the Right Wing in its demise. Bio: http://egbertowillies.com/bio/ Linked In: http://linkd.in/TOiHUS. Google


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