July 24, 2014

Meet The Press Embarrasses Bobby Jindal & Republican Policies That Put More On Food Stamps (VIDEO)

Today’s Meet The Press had a very short segment that is more impactful than most would immediately imagine. Having David Gregory, who over the past several years have appeared to be either an apologist for GOP middle class destructive policies by giving them airtime and plausibility, or continuously misrepresenting the Liberal side of the discussions by adopting Republican talking points, makes the factual assertions on the failure of GOP policies that more poignant.

Here are some statistics, state to state, Massachusetts to Louisiana  that reflect kinda more services less taxes and the different results. Put that up there. You have a bigger population in Massachusetts. You see that there. The high school graduation rate much higher in Massachusetts. The median income about 20,000 higher. The percentage of population without healthcare insurance much higher in Louisiana. The percentage of the population on food stamps much higher in Louisiana. So does this, do results break a little along some of the ideological and philosophical lines about taxes and the amount of government services?

Gregory makes it a question even though his above mentioned facts prove Liberal policies that are humane and balanced intrinsically effect a better educated and more prosperous populace. Conversely, the touted Republican policies that have had free reign in Louisiana, a state blessed with an abundance of oil and other hydrocarbons, the Mississippi River, agriculture, and a large segment of the petrochemical industry, continue to lag in all metrics that matter to the middle class.

This is not an isolated comparison of one state to another. The ten poorest states in our country are Red States. Moreover, Red States are mostly welfare states as they receive more from the federal government than they pay in. That the media does not cover this fact is a disservice to the entire American population. If America knew what policies worked throughout the nation it would be impossible for the GOP to continue to hold middle class policies hostage to a failed ideology.

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  1. It would have been nice to see the video but it would never run. I suppose it might have been interesting.

  2. Johnny Doherty says:

    In 2012, according to the BLS, 470,000 workers were represented by Labor Unions in Massachusetts vs 130,000 in Louisiana. I would argue that alone accounts for the difference in Food Stamp recipients, and goes a long way on the difference in Healthcare coverage. We can carry that out further to explain the difference in HS graduation rated, as that would require the connection of GOOD jobs to HS graduation.

    • Triangulate this Comparison with DENMARK. 5.6 million People, GDP.ppp $37,151,GDP.nominal $59,928, The Worlds Highest Level of INCOME EQUALITY,
      and it is a Mixed Market with a LARGE WELFARE STATE.

  3. The Slant can be seen by those aware of a “VIEWPOINT” in the first place.That desire for truth amongst all the “AU-ThORS of CON-FUSION” babel is why I came here in the first place (first place twice). Truth cares not if you agree or not. Fly too close to the SUN and you will burn up .
    The “FASCISM of the POOR” and The FASCISM of the “MASTERS” has been crafted rather well. Republican HAWKS desire the GEESE to stay in their pens. And they have seemingly perfected that “HARMONY” of Master to Wage Slave. Dependent People are manipulation conducive for survival. Just as the Abused eventually identify with any dominant ABUSER. So as the “Poor” wait in earnest for a supply wagon that may never show up,the Masters are playing some favorite past time discussing the next plucking.

    Just a movie script idea…..couldn’t be the reality ….could it?

    • Citizen Journalist says:

      Keith, seems you are talking about the welfare promoters and the welfare dependents. Why do liberal Democrats want as many as possible on welfare for generations? Why do they run failing schools to dumb down the population just enough to run simple things, but not want to peal themselves away from the welfare trap? Do a search on “Waiting for Superman” and you’ll see what I mean.


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