Bill Maher Nails Conservative Myths In New Rules (VIDEO)

Bill Maher hit it out of the park in his New Rule tonight. The ending New Rule monologue started with Maher making fun of the Christian pressure group One Million Moms that is attempting to get the GEICO TV ad that has a woman in the car with a pig and the Skittle TV ad with a woman kissing a walrus removed because it may encourage bestiality. He joked that the group should ask themselves if they were not thinking too much about bestiality. He simply cannot understand that as the depraved Liberal when he sees the TV ads he does not think “Oh bestiality, you forbidden fruit, you tempt me”.

Maher noted that far from a million moms, the group had just over two thousand followers on Twitter. He also mentioned the Catholic League as being a group constantly in the news because they also like to get freaked out about nonsense. Maher said “There is no league in the Catholic League. It’s one guy with a fax machine”.

Bill goes on with very prescient points on the myth about how Conservative the country is. He states the following.

A recent study found that politicians in both parties consistently thought that their constituents were much more conservative than they actually were.And that’s because there is a relatively small group of very shrewd people devoted to and succeeding at convincing us that this is a much more conservative and religious nation than it is.

Americans for example don’t hate socialism. They just can’t define it. Even though it’s kind of right in the name social security.

Same thing with Obamacare. As an idea it is unpopular. But ask voters about the elements in it, they are all very popular.

Same with guns. We found out this week that gun ownership is actually down in this country, way down. And yet the NRA with just four million members has a stranglehold on the gun policy in a nation of three hundred million. This  misreading of where the public really is explains why at this moment a cross section of Republican politicians are at CPAC delivering a simple message to the Right Wingers who keep losing them elections. And that message is, whatever you do, don’t change.

They will get up one after the other and say they speak for the vast majority of real Americans who hate socialism and own guns and feel their values are under attack except they don’t speak for the vast majority of Americans or a majority at all. They are just so loud they haven’t noticed that America has moved on without them.

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